What are Digital Nomads

Who Is Digital Nomad and How to Be One?

Have you ever dreamed of working regardless of time or space? If your answer is “Yes”, meet the concept of digital nomad!

What is a Digital Nomad?

Digital nomad is a concept that applies to all people who can work to earn their living regardless of working hours or places. In fact, although this concept is seen as a profession, digital nomadism can be defined as a way of doing a profession. Because people doing different jobs can continue their profession as digital nomads from wherever they want.

Traveling constantly and working in different places with internet and mobile access, such as libraries, cafes, co-working areas, are among the common features of digital nomads. Digital nomads are ready to work anytime, anywhere, with their laptops, tablet, or smartphones.

being a digital nomad
Credit: AdrienBe / Pixabay

What Are The Professions That Can Be Sustained As A Digital Nomad?

Being a digital nomad, you must be able to do your job remotely. Therefore, especially; Sectors such as digital marketing, graphic and design, media, and telecommunications are the most suitable professions to work as a digital nomad.

  • Text Writer,
  • Digital marketing expert,
  • Social media expert,
  • Designer,
  • Consultant,
  • Strategy expert,
  • Project manager,
  • Translator,
  • Accountant,
  • Editor,
  • If you have jobs like digital advertising manager, you can lead your life as a digital nomad. You can work on the beach, in the hotel room, at home, or in your favorite coffee shop.

Advantages of This Job

As a digital nomad, there are many advantages and benefits of working freely wherever you want.

  1. Increases Your Productivity and Your Creativity: Working in a different place every day by exploring new places without being tied to 9-6 hours increases your creativity and productivity. This is also a significant factor for your success.
  2. Changing and Renewal Becomes Easier: A steady income and moving away from the comfort zone makes you more adaptable, open to innovation, and easily adaptable to change. Renewal and adapting to change can guarantee your future success.
  3. Much More Time is Left for the Things You Love: The time management of your life is completely in your hands, making it easier to spend more time on the things you love. If you want to do sports, read books and draw more, all you have to do is plan your work accordingly.
  4. Expands Your Social Circle: Traveling and not being tied to one place means meeting new people, such as new places. This also supports you to be more social. As you socialize and meet new people (especially if they are people working in the same industry); your perspective on your job expands, which triggers your creativity. Isn’t that great?

How to Become a Digital Nomad?

The first thing you need to do to become a digital nomad is actually quit your full-time job. However, this is not something that can be done quickly for anyone.

  • To have a knowledge that will manage you for a few months even if you have no income,
  • Creating a portfolio that will enable you to gain customers when you leave your job,
  • If possible, to communicate with customers with whom you can work as a digital nomad without leaving the job,
  • Work in a different place than the city you live in, having detailed information about that region,
  • If you want to work by traveling continuously; contact digital nomads who continue their lives in this way and get ideas,
  • It would be better not to decide until you take steps such as getting a portable device and internet connection that won’t let you down.

After meeting the concept of digital nomad, if you think it is suitable for your lifestyle, you can take action to change your way of working by adding a brand new way to your life!