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What You Need To Know For A Comfortable Camping Vacation

Due to covid-19, which is still in effect in the world, although we are in the process of normalization, most people prefer areas that are in touch with nature and where social distance is preserved for vacation. The most suitable holiday alternative to these criteria is camping. Although those who have been camping for a long time have mastered all the details, newcomers may be missing at some points.

As Webkery Blog, we have compiled some tips for you to have a pleasant and fun camping holiday in this article.

A Sturdy Tent

The fact that your tent is made of solid material ensures your peace of mind during the camping period and offers a much safer area for you against outside dangers. If you have a sturdy tent, you won’t worry about your tent flying in the wind or getting water in the rain. You can comfortably continue your sleep even if there is wind or rain outside.
In addition, although we always see the campfire right in front of the tent in TV series and movies, we recommend that you light the campfire a little further from your tent. Otherwise, a spark from the fire may damage your tent and cause damage to the tent.

Organizing Camping Equipment

In the camp, everything you may need should be with you. While a small knife or lighter are items that you can easily find in daily life, not having them with you in the camp can cause big problems. For this reason, we recommend that you prepare a list of needs before camping and check your list before setting off. You can choose your items as practical and space-saving as possible. At this point, it will be much more functional to buy camping equipment instead of the materials you use at home. For example; The pots you will bring from home take up a lot of space and may not be suitable for the camping area, as many of them get warmer late. Instead, you can get a camping cooking set. These sets; It is very light, heats up and cools quickly.

Also, while preparing your camping gear, do not think like going on a regular holiday. When making your outfit choices; make sure that the clothes dry quickly and take up less space. Make sure to take long sleeves and thick clothes with you in case it is cold at night.
An unwanted accident may happen to you in the camping area. For this reason, do not neglect to take your first aid kit with you.

Ready to Choose Your Tent Location?

Examine the ground where you will install your tent thoroughly. A flat floor without stones means a good sleep. If there are small stones on the floor, be sure to clean the stones before setting up the tent. Setting up a tent in an open area can be very aesthetic in terms of appearance, but positioning in a sheltered area against the possibility of direct effect of wind or rain makes you feel safe. If you do not want fruit or branches to fall on you at night, we recommend that you examine the structure of the trees while choosing a sheltered area.

Also, keep in mind that even though the morning sun is great under normal conditions, the sun will create an oven effect in your tent and make it unstable inside.

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The Art of Setting Up a Tent

If you are going to set up a tent for the first time, you must follow the tent setting instructions. A detail that seems unnecessary or neglected to you during setting up your tent may cause your tent to be intact. You definitely need to stretch your tent very well and fix it firmly to the ground. Tent nails, which are among the tent materials, can sometimes be insufficient for the soil in the camping area and quickly bend. You can take spare construction nails with you to avoid such a problem.

Tips for Improving Comfort During Camping

  • Since your tent is a small area and exposed to the sun, it accumulates moisture. You can sleep much more comfortably by airing it before entering the tent.
  • Be careful not to leave anything outside before going to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, your belongings may be wet due to rain or dew.
  • You may often get hungry during the camp as you are outdoors and move around. To satisfy your hunger, you can choose foods that are high in protein, not easily spoiled and give you energy. Canned, instant pasta or nuts can be saviors.
  • If your camping area is in an area with wild animals, it would be better to be away from your tent while preparing your meal. Wild animals such as bears and pigs smell so good that they can smell food at night. By preparing your meal at a point far away from your campsite, you will take precautions against wild animals.
  • You should always be careful while wearing your shoes and check the inside of the shoes. Remember that your shoes can be perceived as a great home for many animals in the wild.
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