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What You Need to Know About IP Address

An IP address is a very old term as it is among the most basic elements required to connect to any site on the internet. Although IP addresses are generally perceived as numbers that provide internet users’ information, they contain much more important and comprehensive functions. By learning the definition, types, working principle, and other details of the IP address, you can have detailed information about this concept you have heard for years.

What is an IP Address?

IP address stands for “Internet Protocol” and is a collection of numbers use to identify devices for computers. The Internet Protocol address, which distinguishes a device connected to the Internet from other devices; enables computers to connect to each other easily and seamlessly over the Internet. IP addresses, which can be defined simply as “identification numbers of devices on the internet”, consist of four numbers separated by dots. These numbers, which are listed in different combinations on the basis of “”, make it easier for devices to be found on the internet. Frequently encountered IPv4 and IPv6 form the core of the internet’s standard-based working methods.

What are the IP Address Types?

There are two types of IP, static IP ,and dynamic IP. Static IP addresses, as the name suggests, are IP addresses that do not undergo any change and remain constant. Dynamic IP address, on the other hand, is the IP addresses that can change every time you connect to the internet. Static IP addresses are set manually by an administrator and are generally preferred for devices that act as servers. Dynamic IP addresses are determined automatically by the server software and assigned to the devices of the users who connect to the internet.

IP Address Types

How Does The Process Of Connecting To The Internet With Internet Protocol Address Work?

The working principle of the P address consists of simple steps. All of the addresses known as websites are actually IP addresses. Internet sites that are connect to computers that act as servers are basically devices that connect to the internet. That’s why you often get server errors when you can’t connect to websites. This is not directly link to your computer or internet and indicates that; there is a problem with the IP address you are trying to connect to the computers; that make the website accessible.

Based on all of these, “Why do we access websites by entering a web-address, not an IP address?” You might think. The main reason for this is that IP addresses are complex and less memorable. Therefore, you can always reach websites in a shorter and effortless way by using addresses; that are much easier and catchy instead of different numbers. On the other hand, you can connect to websites whose IP addresses you know by entering their IP numbers directly.

What is an IP Address Conflict?

IP conflict occurs when the same IP address assigned to two or more computers connected to the same network. You can solve this problem by changing the IP address you have defined; as it will cause connection problems when computers on the same network use the same IP address. For example; You can prevent IP conflict by changing the IP address from to In addition, although it is easy to reach websites via Internet Protocol addresses; it is very difficult to access your information through the Internet Protocol address representing your device. With the Internet Protocol address, only limited information such as your internet provider.

Knowing the details about the Internet Protocol address helps you solve the logic of connecting to the internet; and use the internet much more smoothly and securely.

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