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What is Smart Contact Lens? How Is Change Our Life?

With the ever-evolving technologies, even the electronic devices we bought the day before can become obsolete. For example, even smartphones that we do not drop at the moment seem to be replaced by a completely different electronic device. The most important reason for predicting this situation is the rapid development of “wearable technologies”.
So what is wearable technology? Considered the biggest technological innovation after smartphones; wearable technology expresses the general name of the technological devices you wear on you. In order to call a product a wearable technology; the product needs to transfer the information from smart sensors to your smartphone via Bluetooth or wirelessly. At this point, smart contact lenses seem to meet most of the needs we meet with our smart phones as a wearable technology product. But before explaining the reason for this, “What is a smart contact lens?” We have to answer the question.

What is Smart Contact Lens?

As you know contact lenses; It is frequently used for correcting visual disturbances, changing eye color or treating corneal diseases. Smart contact lenses, on the other hand, do not look different from standard contact lenses as they are viewed from the outside and can be easily removed and worn by the user just like contact lenses.

The main purpose of smart contact lenses is to treat visual impairments much better than standard lenses. In addition, the aspect of smart contact lenses; that excites everyone is that augmented reality and camera technologies will be added to this technology. So much so that technology giant companies are working on applications; that change the field of view of the person by projecting visual information directly to the retina of the eye, thereby creating a different experience of reality.

It is also stated that together with smart contact lenses; the lens can be used as a screen and even photos and videos can be stored.

what is smart contact lens

How Smart Contact Lenses Work?

The basis of the working principle of smart contact lenses is based on nearly 100 ultra-sensitive sensors. In addition to these, these devices, which have a transparent lens appearance; have control and communication circuits, miniature wave emitter equipment and LED components.

Ultra sensitive sensors placed inside the smart contact lens do not just make the blink; It can measure where the person is looking, the blood flow rate in the capillaries, and even the size of the pupil, and convert it into data. This allows you to take a photo of the frame you focus on when you blink. So the pupil acts as a shutter.

How Will SCL Affect Our Lives?

The biggest impact of smart contact lenses, which is describe as a revolution in the field of wearable technology; will be to save us from carrying extra technological devices in daily life. Smart contact lenses, which are expect to provide great ease of use; especially in city life, are therefore expect to change smartphone usage habits.

Moreover, although we consider our speed of accessing information to be very high; it is though that this speed will increase 2-3 times with smart contact lenses.

There is also the advancement of technologies such as smart contact lenses; face recognition feature and learning personal information, similar to science fiction movies. In this case, it continues to be a matter of curiosity about what developments and solutions; will be find in matters such as privacy of life and protection of personal data.

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