What is Mercury retrograde, a bad time to start a new project!

Mercury retrograde or retrograde will create events that will affect our lives for those who believe in astrology. In particular, there is a belief that this situation will have negative effects. So, will mercury retrograde affect our lives negatively as thought? Here are the known misconceptions about Mercury retrograde!

It may be a bad time to start a new project

It may not be a good idea to start a new project during this period. Mercury retrograde may slow things down or some disruptions may occur, but life goes on despite the retrograde. If you try to be open-minded and flexible, your plans will continue to run smoothly and your efforts will pay off.

You may fall in love with your ex again

With Mercury retrograde, our old and suppressed feelings may come to light as we think a lot about the past; However, you can hear from your ex, your ex, or you can make a breakthrough. But it can bring not only your old positive feelings, but also your old negative ones. In other words, your reason for ending your love with the man you once fell in love with may also come to light. In short, if you’re not still in love with it, it’s not possible to fall in love with it because of retro.

Appointments can be bad

It may take longer than usual for you to meet someone and start an interest in the retro process. According to a common belief, the expense with the retro that comes with the retro; In other words, the interest that started in the retro does not end happily. But there are many bonds that started in the retro and continue happily.

The separation does not last long in Mercury retrograde

We can have a lot of arguments with our partners or flirts during Mercury retrograde. When Mercury slows down while reconciling instead of breaking up in the usual times, you are expected to see the truth about your toxic partner or realize that this is not what you really wanted. Retros are plenty of time to review and reassess. So when you leave in retro, it may be a permanent separation, but the fault of this is not retro, on the contrary, retro is on your side as it allows you to see the truth.

Your travels can turn into chaos

When doesn’t it turn into chaos? Mercury retrograde can bring unexpected setbacks. Delays, delays, malfunctions may occur. But unexpected glitches happen all the time. Only during the retrograde, this possibility increases a little more, so act a little cautiously, leave the house early and take more precautions, for example.

Never sign or invest in retro

As we said above, life has to go on. You can have a business that you always sign up for, or it can be an investment you trust very much. In this case, retro is not a problem for you. You can rest easy if the Sun and Mercury retrograde are aligned. Or if the Moon is in Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces, it’s okay again. If you want to make sure you haven’t made a mistake, you can ask a trusted colleague or family member to take a look at it.