What is Clean Eating? What Can We Do for Clean Eating?

From time to time, we may want to take new steps to get rid of excess weight or to live a healthier life. As we take these steps, we will inevitably come up with new popular concepts. One of the nutritional trends that people have shown the most interest in lately is “clean eating”.

Clean eating, also known as Clean Nutrition, encourages you to eat a balanced and healthy diet as a lifestyle, unlike shock diets for a certain period of time. Moreover, in this period when we approach all the food we consume with suspicion, there is a new exit.

So, what is a clean diet and what does it include? Let’s explain in the rest of our article.

What is Clean Eating?

Clean eating basically means a diet in which fresh, nutritious, seasonal, processed foods are consumed as little as possible. The foundation of this diet is based on healthy home meals prepared using beneficial oils. In order to practice a clean diet, it is recommended to focus on whole grain foods, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and stay away from packaged foods and processed foods.

In this period when it becomes valuable to turn to the natural in many issues, regulating our nutrition accordingly can positively affect our psychology and consequently our lives. For this reason, it is not surprising that after you start a clean diet, you discover its positive effects on your life and adopt it as a lifestyle.

Golden Rules for a Clean Eating

Golden Rules for a Clean Eating

Basically, we explained what it means to eat clean. In addition to this information, there are some important details that should be known about a clean diet as in any diet. We call these the “golden rules of clean nutrition”. So, what are the essential rules of a clean diet?

  • Get into the habit of reading labels for packaged products you buy from the market. Many packaged foods contain chemicals. Knowing the meaning of these substances and their effects on the body helps you with a clean diet. Be the Conscious Consumer to learn to read food labels in a practical way! You can read our article on Food Label Reading Tactics in 6 Steps.
  • “We can’t even trust vegetables and fruits!” If you say, we recommend that you consume vegetables and fruits in their season. The products consumed in the season significantly reduce the consumption of hormonal vegetables and fruits.
  • If you want to consume summer vegetables and fruits in winter, you can prepare them for deep freeze and store them safely. Thus, you are protected from the chemicals in the frozen products sold in the markets.
  • Reduce your sugar and salt consumption as much as possible. Drink your tea and coffee without sugar.
  • Use your preference for raw and unprocessed nuts for dried fruits.
  • Avoid acidic beverages and ready-made juices with excess sugar. Take care to prepare your juices at home from fresh fruit without adding sugar.
  • Pay attention to the way you cook as much as the content of your meals. For example, choose healthy cooking methods such as oven, grill or steam cooking instead of fatty fries.
  • Include whole grain flours instead of white flour in your diet. Try to bake your bread at home with organic flour you trust.
  • Finally, don’t forget to drink lots of water!

Positive Effects of Clean Nutrition on Life

Such a diet, of course, brings along positive changes. We are sure that as time passes, you will feel better with the innovations in your body and psychology. So let’s start looking at the changes that will happen in your life with a clean diet!

  • If you get enough fresh vegetables and fruits in their season, you will make the most of the nutritional values of these foods.
  • Thanks to whole grain foods and vegetables, you can relax your digestive and excretory system as you will get the fiber you need. Remember that the proper functioning of the intestines, called the second brain, helps you feel happier and more energetic.
  • Since sugar and salt consumption will be reduced as much as possible, it helps prevent diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and bad cholesterol.
  • Thanks to a clean diet, you can lose weight as you will consume the foods you “really” need in the healthiest way possible. But keep in mind that the main purpose of a clean diet is not to lose weight, but to spread healthy nutrition throughout life.

To change things, start with yourself first and take action for a clean diet! In this way, you can realize that you will feel much fitter and better and continue your life in a healthier way.

As a Webkery Blog, we wish you healthy days!

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