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What Are The Scientific Methods That Improve Intelligence?

We are often unaware of our potential intelligence and do not develop ourselves in this direction. However, intelligence is a dynamic mechanism that is very open to development. This is also scientifically proven. It is possible for you to develop your brain so that your life can evolve in a more positive direction. Let’s take a closer look at scientific methods and mental exercises that improve intelligence.

1. Consume Water Frequently During the Day

Consume Water Frequently During the Day

There are many benefits of consuming water, one of which is related to your mind. Especially when you get up in the morning, the water you drink on an empty stomach is very important. 3/4 of the brain is made up of water. It may be beneficial to consume at least two glasses of water within half an hour after getting up.

2. Care About Your Sleep To Improve Intelligence

Care About Your Sleep To Improve Intelligence

Sleep plays a severe role in intelligence development. Sleep is already a necessary process in terms of resting your brain rather than your body. Of course, it is also important to rest the body in this process; but the priority is restoring the mind. During the sleep process, the brain kind of charges. Therefore, morning hours offer good opportunities for the best ideas in the world. This is why people who work early in the morning work much more efficiently. Various scientific experiments have been carried out on mice in this regard. Of course, the quality of sleep is also a critical detail.

3. Make Reading a Routine for Intelligence Development

Make Reading a Routine

Reading books opens new doors for you in all circumstances. In a matter of minutes, you meet people from other cultures, miles away from you. You are included in worlds you have never known. It doesn’t have to be a novel. Even an encyclopedia or magazine will keep your reading habits alive. Reading, thinking through reading is considered an effective exercise. Even if you take 30 minutes a day, you will see the differences in your brain development in a short time. Once you get into the habit of reading, you will never be able to let go of the book. Even if you have to take a break from the book one day because of your work, your mind will always start to stay with the books you cannot read.

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4. Take a nap every day

take a nap every day

Taking a nap every day, even for just a few minutes, makes a serious contribution to your brain health. Ideally, these times should be around 20 minutes. With a short nap, you can continue the rest of the day wonderfully. It is known that the great masters in history made confectionery routine. Da Vinci is just one of them.

5. Do not spare time for empty topics

intelligence development

As humans, our time is already limited. Our average lifespan is clear. We have to spend a certain part of this actively. In this case, it is necessary not to waste time on free work. Stay away from rumors that steal your time. Don’t spend your whole day on social media. These are just activities that mentally tire you. It does not contribute greatly to you. On the contrary, it numbs your brain. Likewise, watching television is a serious obstacle to the development of intelligence. Keep in mind that your time is very precious.

6. Check Out Interesting Movies

Movies That Get Your Mind

Movies have a layered structure due to their nature. Qualified films, especially those that have a certain depth and mystery with their script structures, bring a permanent mental exercise to you. You should focus on films in which you will try to predict the end and reflect on the connections between events. This must be one of the most enjoyable methods for mental development.

7. Riding Motorcycle To Improve Intelligence

Ride A Motorcycle To Improve Intelligence

Interestingly, riding a motorcycle raises your attention and focus. Simultaneously, this will make you feel younger and fit—brain functions of people who ride motorcycles for a long time work relatively better. We can say that the risk against diseases such as Alzheimer’s is significantly reduced.

8. Do Not Hesitate To Knit

Knit to improve intelligence

Again, we are aware of a slightly odd suggestion, but really, knitting is extremely important in terms of intelligence development. According to researches, knitting has been proven to activate certain areas of the brain. This is also an efficient meditation method. Although it may require a little patience, do not hesitate to try this method that will improve your intelligence.

9. Listen to music to Improve Intelligence

Listen to music to Improve Intelligence

Studies show that always listening to music nurtures the soul and body. Of course, the saying “Music is the food of the soul” was not spoken in a divorce. Music keeps the memory alive and strong, and also increases the level of focus. At the same time, making new compositions makes an extra contribution beyond being a listener. You may have done this exercise effectively while listening to foreign music and trying to understand its lyrics.

10. Pursue Innovations To Improve Intelligence

Pursue Innovations To Improve Intelligence

This is a very important item indeed. People who are open to innovation always keep their mental development open. Maintaining habits will make you mediocre. Your analytical thinking skills will disappear. However, trying new things, being included in new places, making new hobbies, making new friends will make your intelligence active and functional.

11. Make sure your friends are smart

choosing friends

Speaking of new friends, it should be underlined at this point. Clever friends are welcome, not all friends. Intelligent people seriously change your perceptions. It contributes to your education indirectly as much as your family. After a point, his view of life affects you as well. Your point of view changes and you start to think differently and transform mentally. Hanging out with low intelligence makes you simple. As you spend time with them, your intelligence level will begin to decline.

12. Increase socialization


Whatever you do, do not confine yourself to four walls. This will cause you serious damage in the short and long term. People who are social are generally said to be more intelligent. The social connections you establish will keep your brain alive. Remember that social intelligence is a type of intelligence on its own. Increasing your empathy and trying to understand other people’s thoughts and feelings will have a positive effect on your mind.

13. Play Games

play chess

Playing games does not numb the brain as it is thought. Of course, in this sense, it is difficult to say that every game that comes to you is an intelligence developer. As the name says, you can turn to fun and developer games suitable for you from the category of intelligence games.

14. Travel More to Improve Intelligence


Exploring various places and traveling to new lands will improve you mentally. Seeing new places will improve your perception and vision. Remember that travelers are often seen one step ahead in discussions of “one who travels a lot or one who reads a lot.” Do yourself a great favor and go around.

15. Learn New Languages

learn languages

Learning a new language keeps your mind constantly active. This is among the most common intelligence development methods. Foreign language learners allow new neuron connections to be established in their brains. On the other hand, by learning new languages, new people can get to know new cultures. The contribution of this to your career is also indisputable.

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