What Are Red-White Spheres on Electrical Wires?

These devices, which are similar to poke-balls, are called “warning spheres”. It is mostly seen in places close to airports because it is placed to warn vehicles such as aircraft, helicopters, which fly low over electric wires.

They are also used in electrical wires passing over rivers, lakes, fjords, valleys, roads, railways, construction sites and pipelines. It is also placed near military bases and police stations.

Warning spheres, consisting of two hemispheres, are powerful tools against UV and ozone.

It is connected to the air-going conductor with two bolt clamps. Thanks to the special suram system, it can be quickly placed on the conductor by a single boundary technician. Thanks to the design of the clamp structure, the deformation caused by the tightening of the bolts is prevented.

It is made of Polyethylene. Since the jaws are made of aluminum and contain grooved channels, slippage is never experienced. Drainage holes in the sphere prevent the accumulation of rain in the sphere.

Color selection is very valuable in the warning spheres, which make high blood pressure lines easy to see.

Attention should be paid to the color of the background in the area where the sphere is placed. Colors such as white, red and orange are mostly preferred. A contrast should be provided between the background and the warning spheres. Sometimes their colors can be changed according to the seasons.

The place where they are mounted is the suspension rope of the lightning protection ground for the tower. The diameter of the spheres is usually 600 mm, and the distance between them is 30 m. The distance increases with the size of the diameter.

Since it is very difficult to see high blood pressure lines, especially in foggy and cloudy weather, helicopter accidents have been prevented thanks to these red-white balls. But there are mostly high blood pressure limit LED warning lamps in the world. They are much more visible than spheres, especially at night.

Sources: Electric Port, RM Electric