We have created short-term holiday routes that you can go in May!

We have created holiday routes for those who are looking for getaway vacation places that you can go to in May even for a few days! We have brought the spots where you can get away for a few days for the holiday in May, where the weather is neither too hot nor cold, and the smell of spring is beautiful, for the readers of ellema.com! If you have started researching to get away somewhere in May, you can continue to browse the news! Here are the pleasant places to go for the month of May!


One of the easiest escape points for those living in Istanbul, Ağva! You can get away for a few days at the weekend to Ağva, which is quite famous for its breakfast. For those who want to escape from the noise of the city, Ağva, which is quite close and yet so far, may be perfect.


Silifke, the county of Mersin, is famous for its strawberries and yogurt. We recommend you to eat the strawberry in Silifke while it is ready-made strawberry season. It will be quite easy to find affordable accommodation in Silifke. Tekir Warehouse, one of the most precious districts with its history, is one of the must-see spots.


One of the most enjoyable places in Konya, which is the city of Mevlana, is Japanese. You can stop by the park. This spot, where you can accompany perfect views, will fascinate you.


Kuşadası, which is another in the summer months, is one of the indispensable spots for summer vacationers. In May, you can find peace in Kuşadası, one of the most perfect spots to unwind and relax for a few days.