volvo crash test

Volvo dropped vehicles below 30 meters for crash test training

Volvo has carried out the toughest crash test to date, throwing 10 new cars down with the help of a crane from a height of 30 meters (100 feet).

Company officials stated that they want to create a very valuable training opportunity for rescue teams.

So why did the brand, which has excellent facilities for accident testing, embark on such a business? Clarifying this situation, company officials stated that they wanted to create a very valuable training opportunity for rescue teams.

Rescue professionals often use crash cars at the Volvo Cars Safety Center to improve their life-saving skills. However, in real life, many different situations can experience other than these accident tests. That’s why the Swedish automaker took things a step further to prepare; for a possible scenario and allow them to simulate the forces unleashed in the most extreme crashes.

Volvo Made Extreme Crash scenarios

So Volvo decided to drop its vehicles from a 30-meter height. This experiment helped, as you might imagine, to reproduce the harm seen in the most serious crash scenarios.

In such scenarios, the situation of people trapped in the car is critical. For this reason, using hydraulic rescue vehicles, getting the victims out of the car as soon as possible, and taking them to the hospital is a top priority. Rescue experts state that people should be removed from the vehicle during this period, which is often referred to as the “golden hour”. We can interpret the golden hour rule as the removal of an injured patient from the place; where he was stuck within an hour after the accident and taking him to the hospital.

“Normally we just hit cars in the lab, but this is the first time we’ve dropped them from a crane,” said Håkan Gustafson, a senior researcher with the Volvo Cars Traffic Accident Research Team. “After training, we realized that we would see extreme deformations, and we did this to give the rescue team the true challenge of working together.” said also, Gustafson.

In total, the Volvo crash test dropped different model vehicles from a height of 30 meters, 10 vehicles in total. All the findings from the accidents and rescue efforts; will be collected in a comprehensive research report that will be made available to rescue workers worldwide, free of charge.

Always showing its difference in safety, Volvo came up with a test that we can call a social responsibility project. We also thank Volvo for the importance they attach to human health.

Volvo Crash Test / Youtube: DPC Cars