Varicocele disease, which scares men with infertility, disappears with the wrong treatment

Among the causes of male infertility, varicocele disease ranks first.

Urology and Andrology Specialist Op. Dr. Cihan Işık said that with the easier access to information on the internet, the awareness of the disease began to increase.

Işık gave the following words in his statement regarding the disease:

”Varicocele is a problem characterized by varicose veins on the testicles. Men often notice this disease as follows; The heat increase caused by varicose veins causes a slight pain. Patients who resist pain, struggle with it, and do not consult a doctor begin to feel fullness after a while.


Varicocele currently ranks first among the treatable causes of male infertility, unfortunately. Almost one in five men has varicocele. Fortunately, awareness of varicocele is increasing nowadays. Thanks to the easier access to information on the internet, the number of people who know about this disease has increased.”


Stating that varicocele can be caused by genetic factors as well as by the effect of environmental conditions, Op. Dr. Cihan Işık said, “There is usually a genetic predisposition at the base. It’s a vein disease. If there is a predisposition to vein disease in the genes from the mother or father, the varicocele problem is very likely to occur in men. If factors such as smoking, being tall, always standing up, and physical training for hours are added to this genetic heritage, that genetic heritage reveals varicocele completely.” said.

varicocele disease


Dr. Işık explained the diagnosis stage of the disease with these words:

“We examine our patients who come to us with complaints of pain, feeling of fullness or an image problem. Then we ask our patient to have a ‘scrotal color doppler ultrasound’. This is definitely a radiologist. “In this ultrasound, which lasts for about 20-25 minutes, the veins in the region are visualized. If the radiologist reports that the veins have reached a certain diameter and that they can no longer carry the dirty blood they produce to the heart, the diagnosis of the disease is made.”


Underlining that untreated varicocele can lead to infertility, Op. Dr. Cihan Işık said that they can control the process with vitamin supplements in the early stage of the disease, but surgical operation is definitely required in advanced cases.

Işık said, “Despite varicocele, there is no random regression in testicular functions in some patients. This shows that the disease is at a very early stage. We can call those patients for a check-up every 3 months with short-term vitamin bases. The aim of the treatment is: “It is not a question of treating varicocele with any medicine or a cream to be used externally. It definitely needs to be treated on operating room bases, under a microscope.”


Stating that this common disease can be completely eliminated if detected in time, Op. Dr. Işık said, “This is a disease that scares men. I always tell my patients I say this: if you have an idea for marriage, get treatment beforehand to avoid dealing with these problems during marriage. If the disease is detected in time, it can be completely eliminated with correct treatment methods.” he said.