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Understanding and Managing Generation Y

“Intergenerational conflict” is a word pattern we hear and use very often. When people with an age difference disagree on any issue, we often define it as intergenerational conflict. Intergenerational conflict is frequently encountered, especially in parent-child discussions within the family. So, when we say conflicting generations, which generations are meant? How can these generations agree and work in harmony in business life?
With the development of technology and the inclusion of the internet in all areas of life, sociologists can examine human behavior more easily; It has been classified as X, generation Y, and Z generations. Thus, in the rapidly changing online world; behavior patterns, consumption habits, the ability to adapt to innovations, and so on.

Which Period Does Generation X Cover?

Born between 1965 – 1979 and who have not met the internet in childhood, the generation of children who played to the fullest with their friends on the street. We can define this generation as a generation that knows the value of everything it has, analyzes its needs correctly, is thrifty, and is more devoted to its traditions. Compliant and disciplined Generation X cannot adapt easily to innovations, although there are exceptions. Generation X is authoritative, patient, and likes to work.

Which Period Does Generation Y Cover?

They are children born between 1980 and 1999, who grew up with the multi-channel TV era and the internet. Unlike the X generation; As soon as they get into the business, they want to be their own boss. They change jobs frequently and their entrepreneurial aspects are clear. They don’t like taking orders. Generation Y acts exactly as a bridge between the X and Z generations.

Which Period Does Generation Z Cover?

It is the generation of those born after 2000. This generation, born with technology, is very open to experimenting with new technologies. It adapts quickly and is investigative. Their attention spans are short, but their ability to do many tasks at the same time is high. To analyze Generation Z better, you can review our article on Effective Communication with Generation Z.

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How Can Relationships Manage in a Company Where Generation X and Y Work Together?

He has expectations such as a position in which he can develop, to be listened to his ideas, to be recognized and appreciated by his managers, to receive feedback, and to rise quickly in his career. If you want to establish healthy communication with millennials and position them to contribute to your company, you must respect their wishes and listen and understand them.

Likewise, Generation Y should respect the experiences of Generation X and should not forget that there are many new things that Generation X can learn both in business and life.