To Be A Conscious Consumer! Food Label Reading Tactics in 6 Steps

In recent years, along with trends such as healthy life and healthy nutrition, our level of awareness is increasing about many issues that we did not pay attention to before. We all started to wonder what nutrients the foods and beverages we consume in order to have a balanced diet or to control our weight. For this reason, a brand new topic started to draw our attention: Food label.

Especially in today’s world where we use a lot of prepackaged foods, knowing how to read the food labels of products is the first step in our journey to become a conscious consumer. So “How to read the food label?” Let’s examine the question in detail and take the first step together to become a conscious consumer.

What is a Food Label?

Nutritional label, in the most basic sense, is the label containing the portion, calorie and information of the food in the package. It allows you to have an idea about the content of the product before purchasing it.

Tips for easily reading food labels are;

First of all: Pay Attention to Portion Values while reading label

It is very important to know the portion of the packaged product you take in order to balance the amount of your food. For example, when you buy a chocolate, you will see the table of nutritional values and the contents section when you turn its back. The values in this table are usually given over 100 gr. We recommend that you look at the exact weight on the package and rate the proportions in the table according to this weight in order to understand exactly what food group the product contains and how much.

Be Sure to Control: The Amount of Calories

Controlling calories is a must for a balanced diet. When we know the calorie content of the food we eat, we can be fed much more consciously. You can carefully examine how many calories the packaged products on the market contain according to their weight by reading the values on the table on the back of the package.

Identify to Review while reading food label: Salt and Sugar Ratios

As we all know, getting too much salt and sugar in our body causes some troubles. In order to avoid such situations, you should pay special attention to the salt and sugar ratios on the food table of the products you buy. Especially consuming foods containing large amounts of sugar frequently during the day may cause excessive secretion of the insulin hormone in your blood or damage to the vessels.

In the labels of the products; Expressions such as refined sugar, semi-white sugar, invert sugar group, glucose syrup, fructose syrup, corn syrup, maltose syrup, dehydrated dextrose or raw cane sugar indicate that the product contains sugar.

Also, Sodium (Na) is a component of salt, and you should pay special attention to salt, as well as the amount of salt you will get when you come across this phrase.

The Most Basic: Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat Balance

Another thing you should pay attention to while reading the food label is to pay attention to the balance of food groups such as carbohydrate, protein and fat. The product you buy should be low in added sugar, saturated and trans fat, and high in protein.

Attention while reading food label for Allergic Bodies: Gluten and Lactose

We may be allergic to certain ingredients. For example; Gluten in wheat or lactose in milk and dairy products can cause various sensitivities in some people. This situation causes digestive problems. If you are sensitive to these substances, you should pay special attention to the statements about whether these products contain these products.

A must for cereal products: fibers

Fibers; It has a very important place in our diet in terms of easy digestion of foods and helping us feel full for a long time. You can examine the fiber content of cereal foods such as biscuits and contribute to your diet rich in fiber.

As a conscious consumer, you have a good command of the content of the products you buy and now you basically master the tricks of reading food labels for a balanced diet!

We wish you healthy and happy days!

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