Those with thicker lower lips than lip forms are fun!

According to scientists, we can make inferences about the character of the person in front of us by looking at their lips. According to studies, thick lips tend to take responsibility, thin lips are coy. We have compiled a character analysis for you according to lip states…
Lower lip is thicker than upper lip
Individuals with such lips really know what it is to have fun. An energetic life, new friends, new places, new discoveries are always exciting for them. If you have these lips, you know, you are a super fun president who can lead people on the way to new adventures!

Very thin upper lip

Leadership spirits exist. He is a persuasive, energetic, analysis-oriented, excellent personality. No matter what, they definitely find a way to succeed and work things out. However, they may not be very bright about romantic connections because their priority in life is to exist as a person of character, not necessarily to be with someone.

The upper lip is thicker than the lower lip

People with such lips like a little too much attention. They are emotional, charismatic, love-loving and like to attract attention. They love themselves a little too much and have a talent for getting people’s attention. They love to be the center of attention. The most funny and striking jokes and sentences are always heard from these people.

Lower and upper lip equal

Those with this type of lip are often known as stable, problem-solving, reasonable people. They do not feel uncomfortable with being criticized, and they approach people’s ideas with respect. It’s almost impossible to piss them off. However, despite their steely borders, they also manage to love and laugh. For them, the glass is always half full.

Slightly puffy lips

People with such lips are a little naughty, a little coy. Their priorities in life are their comfort and their own feelings. They think that if they don’t take care of themselves, no one will take care of them. As you get to know them, you might think they’re a little selfish, but it’s not their selfishness that’s the problem. They actually become very loyal and competent friends. If you call, he is again your friend who will come to your first aid.

Thin lips

Thin-lipped people mostly like solitude. They prefer to be with themselves, just as individuals, they can be very interested in their problems. If you also have thin lips, you may be one of those who prefer to go to a museum or travel alone. Although you like solitude, it will be very enjoyable in social environments and you will not feel uncomfortable. You can easily find a common language and establish friendships with people.

A sharp hollow lip

We can say that this person is a creative person from head to toe. They often become talented painters or musicians. They have an excellent memory for remembering faces and names, chatting with everyone they know, and always in control of what’s going on around them. Social are people who can express themselves adequately and are always successful in their work.

Round lip hollow

If your lips are like this, then you can be an emotional, sensitive and kind person. Unlucky events often upset you, helping others is in your soul. Helping people and the world is often all you want to do in this world. By God, what can we say, the world is turning people’s faces for the sake of you, such a benevolence in you!