The Secret of Long-Living Creatures Solved

The world’s oldest known land creature is a giant tortoise named Jonathan. Although it is known that some moderate creatures live long, there was a lack of large-scale research on betting. While completing this shortcoming, scientists also made some interesting discoveries.

In the cross-country study carried out by 114 scientists, 107 animal communities from 77 different types were examined. These examined creatures were chosen from among reptiles and amphibians. The research was led by Penn State and Northeastern Illinois Universities.

They don’t just live long, they stay young one-on-one

One of the first findings the scientists made in this study was that lizards, crocodiles, and turtles age incredibly slowly and have remarkably long lives for creatures their size. In addition, it was stated that living things with shells or protective armor age even more slowly, and that the aging of some even becomes worthless.

David Miller, a professor of wildlife population ecology who led the research, says that revealing what slows down the aging of these creatures will also play a valuable role in understanding aging in humans. In the next stage, the difference between warm-blooded and moderate creatures will be examined.

On the other hand, it was discovered that some cool-blooded creatures age faster than their size. Scientists said that it is generally thought that living things with fast metabolism age quickly, but this does not necessarily have to be the case.

If we had armor, would we live longer too? It doesn’t make much sense to argue that people would live fast if they had natural armor. First of all, we probably wouldn’t have been able to hunt in the first years of humanity, since we are a drag-hunting medicine.