The incredible effect of drinking thyme tea on an empty stomach in the morning

Thyme, which we use to add flavor to the dishes, is an indispensable spice for many of us with its smell and aroma.

Enjoying its taste from the main component of carvacrol, thyme can be consumed as a tea as well as consumed as a spice.

Thyme tea, which has important benefits on the immune system, especially respiratory tract diseases, creates miraculous effects on issues such as cough, inflammation issues, skin problems and even sperm health.

We can say that thyme, which is preferred for weight loss and oral health, increases its healing when consumed by boiling.

For those wondering about consuming thyme juice or tea and its benefits, the details are in our news…


Thyme juice can be made from dry or fresh thyme, you can decide according to your preference.

Drinking it especially in the morning and before meals helps speed up metabolism.

  • Boil water and remove from fire.
  • Add thyme and infuse for 10-15 minutes.
  • Then you can strain and drink.

* Thyme juice should not be consumed more than 2 cups a day. (Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or if you have chronic diseases.)


Since thyme juice has strong values in terms of calcium, It is recommended for those suffering from pain.

Consuming thyme tea will be a useful method to alleviate the pain of romance.

Thyme tea, which helps women whose menstrual cycles are very painful, reduces cramps and makes your menstrual cycle more comfortable and easier.

Consuming thyme tea will relieve those who experience indigestion and intestinal cramps. It is also known to be beneficial for colon cancer.

Researched by those who want to lose weight, thyme tea will support fat burning by accelerating metabolism.

You can take precautions against tooth and gum diseases by using thyme tea as a mouthwash instead of drinking it.