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The Benefits of WhatsApp Application to Our Lives

In today’s world, where almost everyone uses smartphones, WhatsApp is one of the most used applications that make our lives easier. The user base of the application, which has a new feature every day, is quite wide. WhatsApp, which is one of the applications that elders and young people spend most of their time during the day, is also used for company services, business, or education groups. The best part of the Whatsapp application is that it can be used on all platforms and it is one of the factors that increase its popularity.

As a Webkery blog, in this article, we have compiled the WhatsApp application’s convenience and the areas where we can use the application effectively.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging applications; entered our lives in 2009 and became popular all over the world in a short time. The application, which has added many new features since 2009, has almost replaced SMS today.

In communication; The application, which offers alternatives such as video calling, voice recording, video, file sending, collective interview, and situation sharing, seems to surprise us more with its innovations in the coming days.

1- Getting Support in E-Commerce Transactions

Most e-commerce companies consider this method as an information network. For requests such as product purchase, product delivery, or exchange, customers can contact companies through the application. For example; In cases where you have difficulty adding your order to the cart or cannot complete your shopping in online shopping steps, you can get support from customer representatives by writing your problem to the WhatsApp line of the relevant company.

2- WhatsApp Shopping

Facebook recently announced that the shopping button can be used all over the world, which will provide easier access to product catalogs of businesses through the application. Thanks to this new update, you can shop without ever leaving WhatsApp by tapping the shopping icon at the top of the chat window of the business.

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3- Instant Communication from Computer with WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has become one of the heavily used messaging applications, especially for business correspondence. Thanks to WhatsApp Web, you do not have to take a break from the computer and type on your phone, especially when you are in your working hours, to save time.
With the web version, which is very functional, especially when you need to send a file, you can easily share the file you want from your computer with your business groups and ensure the business process’s rapid progress.

If you have not yet tried this feature, which has been active since 2015; open web.whatsapp.com on your computer and scans the QR code on your phone with your WhatsApp application.

4- Sending Bulk SMS

The application includes multiple features in its structure. Users preferring the app for bulk message sending, which is among these features. With WhatsApp bulk message sending feature; In an emergency, when you need to provide information on any special occasion or something to celebrate; you can send a message to multiple users at the same time.

5- Correspondence with Virtual Assistants of Banks

Most banks now have virtual assistants. These virtual assistants work integrated with the app to provide ease of communication, and thus transactions are performed faster. Also, another feature is that it is easily accessible.