Suggestions for Those Who Want to Become a Writer

Suggestions for Those Who Want to Become an Author

Being an author; It is long, laborious but constantly aiming at self-renewal and improvement. As soon as you consider taking this road, you should be ready to make quick and important steps to start improving.

Writing; It is not a job that you have to perform within certain hours but a habit that you should spread throughout your life. When you turn this habit into a routine such as drinking water and eating, you will notice the development in the fastest way because you don’t always need a pen or a computer to write. Your mind and observation are enough for you to be able to write at any moment.

In light of this information, we have prepared 7 suggestions for those who want to become an author:

1- Being a Good Reader

It is an inevitable fact that you are very good with books in order to be a writer. Good book reading habits make your mind and eye a predator against beautiful and quality texts, and you will get to know the “good book” wherever it is. This acquaintance begins to manifest itself in your own texts. The important thing is not to read many books, but to read regular and quality books. Remember that all great writers are also very good readers.

2- Write Every Day

Writing, when it turns into a great habit, brings proportional success behind it. Writing every day plays an important role in improving your pen, style and style. Even if you can’t find something to write every day, you can complete your study routine by making small scribbles and taking notes.

3- Do Not Neglect To Take Notes

You can use a lot of methods to take notes, whether in a notebook, in the note section of your phone, or on your computer, etc. Whichever is easy for you. Taking notes keeps your ideas from flying and ensures that you have a map to write. All the great authors have thousands of pages of notes. You never know when an idea or inspiration will arrive.

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4- Develop Your Observation Ability

One of the most important steps to become a writer is to improve your observation skills. Observation is very important in telling what happened as it is, capturing small details and meeting it with the reader. When your observation skills improve, your ability to comprehend and interpret events will also improve and you will be able to give what you want to tell in a text in a deeper and more realistic way.

5- Make Sure To Back Up Your Articles

We know that even articles from thousands of years ago can be found today, but not every author may be so lucky. Therefore, you should not forget to back up your posts. If you are writing on a computer, Google Drive is very suitable for backing up your articles. If you are writing in a notebook or on paper, do not forget to save it on the computer and back it up. As a backup method, you can mail every article you write to yourself.

6- Find a Guide to Criticize Your Posts and Guide You Right

Correct and appropriate criticism always improves. Finding a guide that will criticize your articles correctly and move you to a good point will make both you and your writing a better point. You don’t always have to criticize your own writing. You can also criticize a book you read jointly, an author or a philosophical thought.

7- Benefit from Different Fields of Art and Philosophy

Writing does not just require you to be surrounded by books. Dealing with other branches of art and studying philosophy and psychology always broadens your horizons. Watching movies, listening to music, visiting modern art galleries, doing art history readings both support your writing originality and contribute to your personal development.

With all these items, the most important thing is to show “courage to write”. If you are reading this article, you have taken the first and most important step.

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