electricity saving

Suggestions for Electricity Saving

As the world is struggling with COVID-19, we have started to spend more time at our home than ever before. We work from home, take care of all our work from home, cook more, and use the electronics in the house more than ever. Staying and spending time at home has also become a relatively more positive habit after the COVID-19 process. It has become our most enjoyable time to spend most of the time we spend outside at home, to cook our own food, to meet our friends and loved ones at home. Although this situation enables us to strengthen ties and spend less money, it causes our electricity consumption to increase, we need to electricity saving for a better world.

The world population and the increase in consumption reduce the self-renewal power of natural resources. This situation harms the sustainability of nature. It is one of our most important duties as human beings to support the self-renewal of nature, to become a producing society instead of just consuming it, and to leave a cleaner, livable and developed world to our future. In this new world order where everything is digitalized and accelerated, some small measures we will take will enable us to embrace the world with friendship.

That’s why we have prepared a few suggestions for you to save electricity while spending time at home:

1- Make sure to turn off the lights of other places other than your current location for electricity saving

This is one of the simple but effective ways to save electricity. This rule, which will start with an awareness and spread throughout our lives, will both save you electricity and increase your sensitivity to the environment.

2- Choosing the right bulb

Choosing the right bulb is one of the most important steps in saving electricity. You can choose environmentally friendly bulbs that consume 3 times less electricity than normal.

3- Choose A class for household appliances for electricity saving

Household appliances are products that we use frequently at home and are mostly plugged into the socket. The A class of household appliances will make it easier for you to save as they will consume less electricity than non A class ones.

4- Time to cover the liquid foods in the refrigerator!

Covering the liquid foods in the refrigerator ensures less energy consumption. This technique increases the consumption life of food while using less electricity.

5- Distances matter!

The location of the refrigerator is also an important factor in saving electricity. There should be at least 10 cm (4 inches) distance between the back of the refrigerator and the wall. This interval supports the operation of your refrigerator by saving energy.

Unplug your electronic devices for electricity saving

6- Unplug your electronic devices for electricity saving

Did you know that electronic items that you stop using, even if they are turned off, consume energy when they are kept plugged in? Turning off your electronics and unplugging them after you are done plays an important role in energy savings.

7- The positions of your oven and refrigerator are important!

If your refrigerator has in a cool place, will be consume less energy. This is because it doesn’t need much cooling. Therefore, the distance between the oven and the refrigerator is important. The further your oven is so far from your refrigerator, the less energy your refrigerator consumes.