Sprinkling Salt on Food Can Cause Early Death!

While both the benefits and harms of salt consumption have been a subject of great research by the scientific world for a long time, another shocking result has been shared today. Followed by more than 500,000 attendees for an average of 9 years, the new research revealed the strong relevance in salt consumption and early mid-death.

Research has shown that men who always add salt to their food reduce life expectancy by more than two years, and women by more than one and a half years. In the study on the subject of kalam, the salt added to the dishes during cooking was not considered. Associates consisted of individuals who threw extra salt on top of the food after the meal was cooked.

It is also necessary not to leave the salt completely:

On the other hand, the results of the research do not say that salt consumption should be stopped altogether. Professor of Gothenburg University, who was not involved in the research but commented on the results. Dr. Annika Rosengren stated that there is an ‘optimal’ level for salt and mentioned that it cannot be completely removed from the diet. He also stated that not adding salt to the dishes that already contain salt once again is the first step in reducing the consumption of excess salt.

In the results obtained in the study, other factors that may affect the results such as age, gender, ethnicity, body mass index, cigarette consumption, alcohol intake, physical activity, diet and diabetes, cancer and heart disease were also taken into account.