Solution to Increase the Range of Electric Cars from Tesla

Tesla, which changed the course of the department with the electric cars it launched, showed up at the “2022 IdeenExpo” events held in Hannover, Germany. The company exhibited one of its newest technologies, the electric car range extender trailer, within the scope of the events. This trailer will be of critical importance for electric cars.

The most important problem of electric cars is the range lengths. The batteries, which are not at the desired level at the moment, cause the vehicles to wait at the station for hours after traveling a few hundred kilometers. However, the developed range extender seems to prevent this problem. Because electric vehicle owners will use this trailer to benefit from solar power and charge their cars.

Introducing Tesla’s range extender trailer that uses solar power

The photo above shows the trailer, which is now in its prototype rung. The trailer, which has openable panels, seems to be used both when the vehicle is parked and on the move. Thus, the electric car will not need to search for stations. Because this trailer, which converts solar power into electricity, can be used wherever there is sun. This is in the middle; Let’s not skip the Starlink internet equipment on the trailer. You will have those who remember; In a news we shared with you recently, we mentioned that Starlink has received a new authorization and that it can be used in all vehicles in motion with this authorization.

Although the trailer that Tesla showed offered an analysis of the ‘range’ issue of electric cars, this analysis is not very practical. Because in order to gain a range of several hundred kilometers, attaching a semi-trailer to the back of the vehicle is a method that many drivers do not want to prefer. However, Tesla has shown that it is working on alternative analyzes in this bet.