solar energy

Solar Energy

In recent years, we have started to turn towards solar energy sources to protect our nature; and our world that we are entrusted with our children. However, if we want to secure our present and future and want our children to be able to see animals in books and in nature, we must do more.

Humanity first heard that solar energy could be the New York Times article’s solution dated April 4, 1931. After 90 years, millions of homes are illuminates by solar energy; and many businesses also contribute to humanity by using the same energy.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is generated when the light from the sun creates an electric current on specially produced panels. This type of energy, which does not emit harmful gas and is therefore environmentally friendly, is seen as a future source. But don’t worry! According to NASA’s data, the Sun has a lifespan of 6.5 billion years. In other words, solar energy is not a resource that can end with human consumption, such as fossil or nuclear fuels.

How to Benefit from Solar Energy?

Taking advantage of solar energy is much simpler than you think. A sunlit roof or any surface and a solar panel will do the trick. Our country (Greece) is among the countries with the most sunshine in the Mediterranean, with 2640 hours of sunbathing per year. This makes using solar energy a more efficient and logical solution.

Simultaneously, with the developing technology, it is now possible to benefit from solar panels on cloudy days. Even if the clouds are in front of the sun, the world can benefit from the sun’s rays, and new solar panels can convert these rays into electricity and heat by using these rays most efficiently.

What Are The Common Uses Of Solar Energy?

Today, we can benefit from renewable energy in every area where we use fossil fuels. We need regular heating in our daily activities such as washing, cooking, and showering in our homes, irrigation systems of agricultural lands, greenhouses, and many similar areas. That is why solar panel systems reduce our dependence on non-renewable natural resources by converting solar energy into heat and offer an environmentally friendly solution with its low cost and zero carbon emission feature.

Traffic is one of the areas where solar energy is most needed. In traffic where we are constantly exposed to sunlight during the day, we can reduce electricity. Therefore, the fossil fuel consumption throughout the country enables street and sign lamps to benefit from renewable energy.

Renewable energy usage areas are not limited to daily activities. Solar panels can meet many industries and service areas; such as factories, organized industrial zones, cold stores, hospitals, shopping malls, and shops.

What are the Advantages of Using Renewable Energy?

Solar energy; The key to a healthy, green, clean, and prosperous future. Moreover, it is an investment in the future and one of the steps to make today better. Let’s take a look at the advantages of taking advantage of the sun’s energy; which sends more energy to the world every day than we need?

The most important feature of solar energy is that it is renewable and even unlimited energy sources. This energy, which we can use as long as the sun illuminates our world; does not have the danger of ending up in the future like fossil fuels.

In addition, the gases that emerge during the use of fossil fuels and trigger global warming with the effect of greenhouse gas damage our atmosphere and, therefore, adversely affect life on earth. For this reason, you can protect nature by using solar panels that emit zero harmful gases during electricity generation.

In addition to these, solar panels, whose installation and maintenance costs have decreased with technology development. Will continue to decrease in the coming years; are as friendly to your pocket as they are to your environment with low operating costs.

Moreover, solar energy can meet your needs not only in electricity generation but also in many other areas. You can take the first step to greatly reduce harmful gas emissions and electricity costs and leave a healthy and safe future for your children!