Smart Introduces New Electric SUV Concept Model #1

Smart, the first name that comes to mind when it comes to compact cars, introduced a concept that will break this perception in the past months. The car in the concept in question showed that Smart would release a futuristic-looking compact SUV, not the small-sized car that we are used to.

So today, Smart finally showed off the first production model of its new concept car. The production model, which managed to defend the spirit of the concept design to a large extent, was introduced under the name ‘Smart #1’. Let’s take a closer look at Smart’s new compact car.

Here comes the original Smart model Smart #1:

To start with the first outstanding details about Smart #1, the car’s We can clearly see that it has frameless glasses. Smart #1, which has soft lines, also includes light in the form of a line, which has now become a classic in almost all contemporary cars. There is also a one-to-one design on the back of the vehicle.

When we come inside Smart #1, we see a very stylish and airy cockpit. Smart, which has a thick steering wheel, includes only 1 infotainment screen like Tesla. While there are striking details in the interior lighting of the vehicle, we can see the Beats logo on the speakers.

Smart has not shared technical details about his new car and what the price will be.