Route recommendations for those who will stay in Istanbul during holidays

With the half-day administrative leave on Monday, June 03 and a full-day administrative leave on Friday, June 07, this year, Eid al-Fitr has been a 9-day holiday for public employees. Many companies in the private sector complied with the management permission decision taken in the public sector. Those who have dreamed of a summer vacation for a long time have already made their travel plans by taking advantage of this situation. However, those who cannot go on holiday to distant places and want to enjoy the empty Istanbul, what can they do, where can they go? Here are the recommendations of places to travel to Istanbul for a day or overnight stay…

ISLANDS: Islands have always been an escape route for Istanbulites. The Islands, where those who want to get away from the tension of the city can reach quickly by ferry, both on weekends and on public holidays, are also very ideal for the Ramadan Feast. While this place makes you have a pleasant day with its natural beauties, pleasant breakfast places and restaurants, it also stands out as a place where you can ride a bicycle and swim with faith in Istanbul. Then how about including Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada and Kınalıada in your plans this holiday?

KİLYOS: While we are talking about the places where you can swim in Istanbul, let’s talk about a sea vacation, which is another alternative in these days when the weather is getting warmer day by day. Kilyos, with its public beach and different alternatives with private businesses, certainly has a charm that will win everyone’s heart. Especially in the early morning and evening hours, when the crowds recede, the real shore gives you the day you have been dreaming of for a long time. Horseback riding, a pleasant meal at their restaurant and even camping are some of the activities you can do here.

SAPANCA: You can evaluate your day in a different way by turning your route to Sapanca, one of the greenest districts of Sakarya. In Sapanca, which you can reach after a 2-hour journey from the city with your vehicle, cycling, walking around the lake, ATV safari type, picnic and a pleasant breakfast experience await you at the breakfast shops of the region. In short, we can say that there are many alternatives that will please everyone, from families with children to young people.

ŞİLE: Şile, which is one of the classic stops to get rid of the city atmosphere without going too far from Istanbul, is our other offer. With its beaches, lighthouse, castle and, of course, delicious fish restaurants in Ağva, the district promises its visitors a full day. Moreover, you do not need to have your own vehicle to reach Şile. Because, it is possible to quickly reach the city by city buses. The distance between Istanbul and Şile is 77 km.

GARIPCE VILLAGE: Garipçe, a charming fishing village by the sea, is located in the middle of Rumeli Feneri and Rumeli Kavağı. With the effect of being a fishing village, the coastal part of the village, where many fishing boats are located, is one of the most attractive aspects. The establishments in the village, where a hearty open buffet breakfast is served in the morning, turn into a fish restaurant in the evening. In these establishments, you can have a delicious meal with your family and friends, or you can join the boats organized from the pier to other bays.

BELGRADE FOREST: Belgrad Forest is one of the most ideal places to take a breath, stop and rest for a while. So much so that we can even say that this place is like a shelter in the city. Usually one of the favorite stops on weekends, the forest hosts unique views where you can witness the colors of all four seasons. For us, the forest, which should be visited even just to watch the nature, also offers the opportunity to do your sports in the morning and to value the day by having a picnic in the recreation areas.

DUZCE HIGHLANDS: Did you know that you can visit the Black Sea highlands, one of the most favorite routes of recent periods, from Istanbul on a daily basis? Düzce, located in the Western Black Sea Region, has such superb plateaus that those who visit it once plan to see it again. You should definitely choose early in the morning to set off for the real road to Düzce, where you can spend an unforgettable day on the plateaus such as Pürenli Plateau, Odayeri Plateau and Balıklı Plateau. In this way, you can evaluate the day to the fullest. In our opinion, do not leave without seeing Aydınpınar Waterfall and Güzeldere Waterfall while you are here.

KERPE-KEFKEN: Kerpe and Kefken, which are the first choices of sea holidaymakers and especially families, stand out with their clean sea and coast. It can be quite crowded due to the high interest in the region, which is an ideal place for one-day getaways, mostly on weekends and short holidays. For this reason, you should go early in the day and find the most suitable place for you on the beach. Our offer to those who will ask what else we can do there; You can also visit Pink Rocks, Kefken Harbor and Acarlar Floodplain while you are there.

KIRKLARELİ: Kırklareli, which is home to daily travel routes such as Igneada, Vize and Kiyikoy, is approximately 3 hours away from Istanbul. There are many places to see in the province, which is more famous for its natural beauties. Dupnisa Cave, Kiyikoy Aya Nikola Monastery, Igneada Longoz Forests and Begendik Village are the leading ones. We can say that Kırklareli is a candidate to be the favorite city of your summer months as well as your spring months, with all the niceties it has.

TIRILYE: Tirilye, a town in Bursa’s Mudanya district, stands out as one of the places frequently visited by Istanbulites, due to its easy access from Istanbul and a pleasant travel route. The town can be reached after a 15-minute car journey after reaching Mudanya by sea bus from Istanbul. In Tririlye, on the other hand, Kemerli Church, Taş Mektep, Historical Çamlı Kahve and traditionally beautiful fish restaurants await you.