Research: Dogs Eating Vegan May Be Healthier

While the issue of applying a vegan diet to pets continues to be debated in terms of its appropriateness and ethics, many people especially argue that dogs should not be fed vegan. However, a new study, the results of which were published the other day, pointed to a result that would rekindle the debate on this issue.

The study with 2,536 dog guardians revealed contacts on the dog’s diet and its health effects. Results from the study suggested that a nutritious vegan diet may be healthier than conventional or raw meat-based diets.

Statistics showed that the conventional diet was the most unhealthy

The study of Andrew Knight of the University of Winchester and his groupmates, how many times dogs go to vets to their guardians, treatment and drug information, and whether there were any special health concerns. A statistical analysis of the responses revealed that conventionally fed dogs were more unhealthy than dogs fed a raw meat or vegan diet.

On the other hand, the team also noted several factors beyond the statistics that precluded the conclusion that those who eat raw meat are healthier. The study found that dogs on a raw meat diet are significantly younger than dogs on a vegan diet, which can make these dogs look healthy.

According to the team, the study was the largest ever done on this topic. In light of both new and previous research, the researchers suggested that a vegan diet may indeed be a healthier choice. But it still needs more research to confirm whether vegan and meat-based diets are healthier than conventional diets to end the debate.