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Razer Card: Debit card for gamers with built-in LED light

Razer is known for its gaming accessories, its efforts in the gaming smartphone market, and many other gamer-related products. Now, the company is expanding its business in the field of financial transactions with Razer Card.

The versions of the Razer Card

The company partnered with Visa and created the Razer Card, which comes in three versions. It all starts with the Virtual Card, which is available through a smartphone app. Then we have the Standard Card, which is a classic physical card with an interesting design and black matte finish.

According to the PC Gamer, The full version of the Razer Card is the Premium Card, a stylish black card with a matte finish, and a green LED light in place of the logo. The LED light turns on when the holder requests a contactless payment.

razer card prepaid visa

The benefits of the Gaming Card

The company already has the Razer Pay system with which users earn rewards and discounts by purchasing Razer products. With the new card, the company further expands its services to gamers.

First of all, for every purchase one makes through the Razer Store with the Razer Card, you get a 5% refund. Then, for any purchase he makes, in any store, using the company card, he gets a 1% refund.

Razer Pay

However, those who participate in the tests that the company will carry out will receive a 10% refund for any purchase they make. In addition, Razer will offer “unrealistic rewards” during the beta program, such as accessory packages and gaming products worth up to $ 2,000.

Unfortunately, the beta program is only available in Singapore and only 1,337 users can participate. At this time we do not know if the company plans to expand the program to more countries.

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