Nutrition and Exercise Recommendations for Home Workers

Many workplaces and public institutions arround the world have taken precautions against the Covid-19 epidemic by prioritizing the health of their employees. Some institutions regulated their working hours, while others switched to home-based working (home workers) systems. We must abide by these decisions, made in the most appropriate way for our individual and social health, in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Each of our valuable citizens has a great responsibility in this regard. If we, as a society, follow the rules of hygiene and take the necessary steps in the light of official statements, we can return to our old days together as soon as possible.

Business and working life’s transition to a new order in this process, of course, opened the door to a different experience for all of us. We hold our meetings over the internet, and we follow up our business through digital platforms. Of course, it is important to protect our health, but many of us are not familiar with the mentality and order of working from home. For this reason, we may experience some difficulties in the process. Maybe we may have difficulties in keeping our jobs. For this, it is necessary to make a good plan and adapt to home comfort without being deceived.

Home comfort is one of the most difficult factors for your working from home process. However, you shouldn’t be fooled by this. You must find ways to still stay focused and resilient. Even if you cannot go outside, it is possible to relieve stress from home and have a regular and productive day. How Does? During the period you are at home, continue to eat healthy and do small exercises.

If we are home workers, we should consume healthy foods

Healthy nutrition is the most important element that protects us from diseases by strengthening our immune system. Because we can increase the resistance of our body by consuming foods with high nutritional value. However, especially considering that we are home workers and we do not have the opportunity to move, we need to stay away from foods high in calories. Maybe boredom, maybe a little bit of TV numbness and an attraction to foods that contain harmful and industrial additives. As well as following your healthy diet, avoiding foods that will make you heavy and cause weight gain is one of the important points to be careful when working from home.

When working from home, we must consume natural and healthy foods so that our focus is not lost and our digestive system can work properly. Maybe you were not someone who had the habit of cooking at home in the pace of your work life. Now you want to eat well to maintain your body resistance. But don’t you know what nutritional foods to consume? Don’t worry, there are some suggestions we would like to share with you in this direction.

If we are home workers, let’s choose foods with high protein value

  • Boiled eggs are a high protein store, as well as helping fat burning with the B12 it contains. Also, remember that high-protein foods give a feeling of satiety for longer.
  • Choose fish rich in omega3 such as salmon. Since fatty fish contain natural fat, consuming them in moderation will strengthen your immune system.
  • Legumes must be your number one friend! You can choose legumes with high protein and fiber content but low calorie such as beans, kidney beans, red lentils, green lentils, black-eyed peas and bulgur.
  • Dairy products such as fat-free yogurt and cheese are also rich in calcium and are valuable foods that will prevent you from gaining weight while taking the necessary protein.

The Role of Vitamins Is Very Important

  • A vitamins with dominant antioxidant properties such as broccoli, carrots, spinach and apricots are perfect for protecting your immunity. They will also support your skin health.
  • Nuts such as hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds are a natural warrior for your body with the vitamin E they contain.
  • Of course, vitamin C is a must: The family of citrus fruits such as orange, tangerine, grapefruit, kiwi and banana will serve your body’s energy store, protect your immunity and take precautions against diseases.

Let’s don’t forget that besides all our healthy eating processes, we should avoid substances that are harmful to our health. Let’s remove our harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol from our lives; to keep our immune system alive, especially during the epidemic period of the coronavirus.

Recommendations for Home Workers

Simple Exercise Suggestions for People Who Work From Home

Considering that we should not go out too much in this process when we run our business from home, it is quite possible for us to remain still. Staying still slows down our blood circulation and this negatively affects our metabolism and makes us very sluggish. We mentioned above the importance of healthy eating and how it will be. Now it’s time for the second important topic;

Exercises for Home Workers

If we want to have a more vigorous mind and body and not gain weight, we need to get into the habit of doing small exercises at home. You can be a person who currently goes to the gym regularly and does not disrupt his sports. However, during this period, it is important that you do not break from your routine and make small reminders to your body with simple movements.

Set yourself a comfortable space at home. Then start with easy warm-up movements and stimulate your body to adapt to other movements. If you have a treadmill at home; you can do cardiovascular exercise, but our goal might be based on a little more flexibility and endurance. Just like in pilates lessons! Get into the habit of doing sit-ups and push-ups without putting yourself too hard. You can complete the breaks with stretching movements.

Even if you do not have a weight device like in gyms, you can eliminate this situation with household items. You can train with weights and do muscle building exercises. If you want to work with your body weight, planks will increase your endurance a lot.

Drink plenty of water

It is also very important to consume plenty of water in this whole process. You need to concentrate on your fluid intake both for the absorption of nutrients and to regain the water you lose in sports. In addition, keeping yourself away from stress as much as possible and maintaining your sleep routine are among the greatest good things you can do to yourself in this process. As a Webkery Blog, we care about your physical and mental health, so we share this article with you. Healthy days with the hope of being together in the days of beauties.

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