MINI Vision Urbanaut; VAN project from the British manufacturer

Introduced as a digital concept, the MINI Vision Urbanaut embodies the dynamics of the car of the future in its inner world. The project that the MINI facade started to enliven with the clues got rid of its veils. Vision Urbanaut, which is the digital concept, also is the first project of the British manufacturer to carry VAN dynamics that we have come across after many years.

MINI Vision Urbanaut, which brings to mind the Spiritual Too project introduced in the 90s; although it was not implemented, has turned its face to the framework of the transportation solution of the future. It should be noted at the first stage that no numerical data is shared regarding the electrical infrastructure concept, which contains a lot of digital dynamics inside and outside.

MINI Vision Urbanaut with highlighted details

The Vision Urbanaut, which has the new generation transportation philosophy; which introducing under different brands in the past years, is based on the benefits of autonomous driving technology. The project, which reflects the interior layout of the living space. It will also be possible to transform the seats into a bed. This is among the qualities that support the statement that the vehicle if you want use as a bedroom next to the living room.

The developers utilize a scheme where users can transform the interior living space into three different atmospheres; Chill, Wanderlust, and Vibe. These modes are based on parts that we know from previous concepts and change the ambiance of the vehicle; according to the needs of the user such as rest and stress. The digital lighting group used on the outside of the concept. Will also be a serious means of communicating with the outside world. Vision Urbanaut, for which no information about the production process. For now, may have significant potential in the transition of its brand to a new lane within the electricity conversion.


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