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Interesting Jobs in the World

Graduation, university, and career choice is an exciting process for many people, but also a difficult decision-making process. Choosing the profession you will do throughout your life is not easy. First of all, you should know that the indecision you experienced during this period is very normal and even the best people in their job are indecisive about the choice of university and profession. If you want to have a job that suits you and you can love, we recommend that you do not limit it to popular professions and to browse interesting jobs.

There are many lesser-known and new professions in the world and maybe one of these professions might be just right for you. As a Webkery blog, we have compiled the world’s least known and interesting jobs in this article. If you want to do a job that is out of the box and suitable for you, you can take a look at this article.

One of the interesting jobs is Actuary

If you enjoy dealing with numbers and calculating probabilities, actuarial might be the job for you. Especially in recent years; Actuary, which is frequently mentioned in areas such as insurance and banking, can be defined as risk measurement and management expertise. The actuaries, who analyze the current situation and make the necessary reporting by taking into account the risk factors that may occur in the future, provide benefits in many areas such as controlling the financial situation, protecting existing resources, calculating reserve resources, and balancing the budget.

Actuaries, who work in every sector where there is a risk, are also very advantageous in finding a job.

If you need more information about actuarial, you can read our article about Actuarial Science and Actuaries:

Technology Management

Electronic Commerce and Technology Management

E-commerce is an area that talks about a lot and almost all sectors started to take place. We can now access most of the stores where we can physically shop via e-commerce and enjoy the products we choose coming to our door. So how are e-commerce transactions enabled to happen so quickly? At this point, Electronic Commerce and Technology Management comes into play. Electronic Commerce and Technology Management, which emerged with technology and became more and more prestigious every day; is a profession established in order to follow the latest updates on trade, technology, management, computer and software, and to apply sectoral information. If you are also interested in e-commerce and every technology-related development excites you, you can do this profession. When you graduate from this department; You can get the opportunity to work in many fields such as e-sales specialist, e-product manager, web programmer, e-business development specialist.

Ergonomics Engineering

With the development of technology and the establishment of many sectors’ infrastructure on computer technologies, the rate of people working at desk jobs is increasing day by day. Many people cannot even find the opportunity to get up during the long hours spent in front of the computer. This situation; brings many problems such as joint pain, neck stiffness, posture disorders.

Today, workplaces design for more comfortable are need in offices. This is where the Ergonomics Engineer steps in. Ergonomics Engineers, who have responsibilities such as creating suitable conditions for employees to work more efficiently and comfortably at workplaces, creating a motivating environment for employees, and providing comfortable working opportunity, are highly preferred by companies thanks their employees working in better conditions and thus contributing to companies gaining more income. It shows among the valued professional groups.


The other interesting jobs are Chiropractors, which is one of the professions where it is difficult to get an idea of what kind of a job based on its name, is a profession on bone and muscle disorders. Those who do the job, which includes manual and necessary tools to restore the muscles that are not in place; can have as good financial opportunities as doctors.


Unfortunately, in some accident situations, people can lose their eyes due to injuries or diseases. This situation can create a traumatic effect on people who lose their eyes. Ocularists who step in at the point where people who feel bad in terms of appearance regain their old images, create artificial eyes. Although the artificial eye cannot fulfill his vision, it can make the patient feel better in appearance.

If you love helping people and want to be a hope for many people; you can add an ocularist to your list of professions you are considering choosing.

Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering

Would you like to work with the smallest, most enormous pieces of science? Material Science and Nanotechnology Engineering, which takes its name from the nanometer; which is one-billionth of a meter, is one of the world’s newly widespread professions. Nanology Engineers, who enable nanomaterials from organic or inorganic materials; can work in many fields related to health, science, technology, and the environment. If you believe that the world will become much more livable; with the power of technology and want to make new contributions to the world, this profession may be for you.