Interested in Fatty, Overweight Areas of the Body: Lipophilia

According to the fifth of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, in which various mental disorders are defined, diseases such as panic disorders, tension disorders, somatoform disorders, conversion disorders and eating disorders can be evaluated within the DSM – V criteria. Paraphilia, which is again included in the DSM-V criteria; It means to have a sexual desire for unusual objects or movements, necessarily or not, to be stimulated. In this respect, we can say that lipophilia, which means sexual attraction to fat mass, is also considered as a type of paraphilia.

An individual with lipophilia may be attracted to areas of the body that we can call plump and relatively fat. It can be said that a person who especially likes being fat gives importance to his partner’s body being fat, rather than looking at the personality of his partner.

Those with lipophilia may be sexually attracted to overweight or obese individuals.

Someone with a fetish for obesity may be differently obsessed with the size, degree of overweight, and softness of the bodies of individuals they encounter in daily life. For this reason, overweight people can be quite attractive to someone with lipophilia. Of course, it’s not unusual for fat people to be attractive, you should know that we’re just emphasizing the extra appeal of attention for someone with lipophilia.

People who have a fetish interest towards overweight individuals can make certain parts of the body more fetish objects. For example, ‘fat belly’, ‘fat thighs’, ‘overweight big hips’, ‘chubby face’, ‘overweight cheeks’.

Someone with lipophilia may also have other fetishes to make their partner fat by feeding them.

It is possible to see that fat fetishism generally occurs together with premeditated eating behavior. This behavior can occur between the feeding side and the feeding side.

In fact, the story of Amy and Tammy sisters in the TV program called TLC Extraordinary Lives can be given as an example. While one of the siblings, Tammy, is trying to lose her extra pounds like Amy, Tammy’s boyfriend always wants Tammy to eat because he has a fat fetish. Again, we can see similar examples in the stories of many female participants, such as Laura Perez, Christina Phillips and Lupe Samano, who were featured in TLC’s other program, Heavy Lives.