Important Decision Regarding Automobiles from the European Union!

The European Union has focused on the automobile sector for a while. So much so that the legislators decided to get rid of internal combustion engine vehicles across the continent by 2035, with a decision they took a while ago. Now, a new decision has come from the European Union, which will fall as a bomb on the agenda.

European Union legislators have implemented a new application. According to the decision taken, cars launched in Europe will have to include a “black box” with speed restriction technologies. The features deemed necessary for every car released with the prestige of July 6, 2022 will become mandatory with the prestige of July 2024.

While the black box was reasonable, the speed limit and warning system confused

The new law, which came into force in the European Union, became the agenda of the European Union countries. In fact, not many people are critical of the black box issue in cars. Because these black boxes will record all the information of the cars. In this way, many situations, from malfunctions to traffic accidents, will be clarified thanks to the information in the black box.

But the speed limiting technologies required by law have been confusing. Because the law obliges cars with a technology called “Intelligent Speed Assistant” (ISA). This technology works using GPS information. The technology, which instantly monitors the faces of the drivers, gives one of 4 different decisions in case the speed limits are exceeded. These decisions are as follows;

  • Sending a visual or audible warning. (in instrument or infotainment screen)
  • Provide notification with vibration. (at the wheel)
  • Providing tactile feedback. (on pedal)
  • Automatically slow down the vehicle.

The problem here is that the European press does not know on which roads this system will be valid. Moreover, it is not clear how the data accuracy of ISA will be ensured. There is also an emergency dimension. For example, there may be a patient in a car. What if the car slows down on its own? All these confusions seem to make the legislators reconsider.