How To Remove Tomato Stain Naturally?

Stains spilled on our clothes and belongings can be tough, and when the stain is not completely removed, it loses its quality and takes its place among unused items. The tomato paste splashed on your clothes while cooking or consuming food containing tomato paste may leave permanent stains on your clothes if not cleaned in time. You can easily remove difficult stains such as tomato stains on white clothes with the methods we will give you.

Wipe the tomato stain before it dries

Drying of the paste stain may cause a color change in this area, even if it penetrates deep into your clothing and is cleaned. Therefore, when the tomato paste is poured on you, you should immediately take it with a dry napkin. You should not distribute the stain by pressing the napkin; you should only remove the paste from the stained area. Since mixing the paste with different materials will make the stain more difficult, you should switch to cleaning methods before dries.

Dish detergent for tomato stain

When you get tomato paste on your clothes, especially on white shirt, take them off immediately and pour some dish soap on the stain. After waiting for 5 minutes in dish soap, simply rub the stained area with warm water as if you were washing clothes. Dishwashing detergent, which makes oily dishes shiny, also does great things in removing stains.

Soak your clothes in cold water

The second method you will apply to remove stains from your clothes with tomato paste is to turn the clothing over and soak it in cold water for a while. We recommend that you only soak the stained part in cold water. If you have a piece of ice in your home, you can just put ice on the stain. As the ice melts, it will penetrate the texture of the garment and remove the tomato paste stain.

Pour salt on the stain

After removing the excess paste from the area, pour some salt on the stain. The salt begins to melt and penetrate deep into the garment. Wait until the salt disappears at the surface, this time is about 20 minutes. Then wash your clothes in the machine. Thanks to the salt application, it ensures that the paste particles do not penetrate into the texture of your clothing, it is effective in removing the red color of the paste.

The stains you keep in bleach will disappear

For tomato paste that is difficult to remove, we should use bleach suitable for colored clothes. Add a cap of bleach to a quart of water and just soak the stained area in this mixture. After waiting for 15 minutes, you should machine wash your clothes. The point you need to pay attention to when using bleach is that the product you use is suitable for the texture and color of the garment. Incorrectly used bleach can cause damage to that area of your clothing, there is deformation in the fabric.

How to get tomato stain on the carpet

It is very simple to clean the paste poured into your light colored carpet. First, clean the paste from the carpet, superficially with a napkin. Afterwards, pour the lemon cologne you use at home liberally on the stained area. Cover it with a paper napkin and wait for 10 minutes. The cologne removes the stain on the surface of the carpet and allows it to stick to the paper napkin. When you remove the napkin, the stain is almost gone, finally you can wipe your carpet with dishwashing detergent. Another way to remove tomato paste is to pour some of the washing machine’s powder detergent onto the stain. You can pour very little hot water to speed up the spread of the detergent. Allow the stain to be completely removed by rubbing the detergent you have kept for 15 minutes on the carpet with a wet cloth.

If you wish, you can get an idea from the video below and do it yourself.

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