How to Clear Netflix Watch History?

Netflix, one of the most preferred subscription services in the world, keeps various records about every session and profile opened. In the middle of this information, there are also TV series and movies watched by users. As a result, Netflix processes the data it obtains with artificial intelligence and makes offers in a way that users may like. Moreover, the cover photos of the content are updated accordingly.

In some cases, it may be necessary to access Netflix’s viewing history. Because you may want to see the TV series or movies you have watched before. For this, it is necessary to access the address after logging into the service with a user name and password. Afterwards, the movies you watched on the profile are listed here. As the dates can be seen from the far left, the cross button on the far right can also clear the record of TV series or movies in the viewing history.

If you watched a whole series, the page will ask you if you want to delete all the details of the series. The choice is yours. In the middle, a random data you delete about the past means resetting the series or movies recommended to you. Netflix keeps the ‘data obtained’ that we have just mentioned in a different part. For this reason, you can clear the content that you do not want to appear on the profile only here.