What Is Home Health Care Service

Home Health Care

Home health care services aim to support the elderly, disabled, chronically ill individuals, or individuals who are in a post-operative recovery period without detaching them from the environment they live in and where they feel they belong. It is also expressed as providing health and care services to those in need to support individuals and ensure their adaptation to social life, to ensure that they continue their lives happily and safely with their loved ones.

What is Home Health Care?

Home health care service aims to provide an accurate treatment that affects the individual’s daily lifestyle in need of care and to keep the standard of living at high levels by minimizing the patient’s inadequacy. Today subsequently, with the development of technology, physical boundaries are disappearing. Those in need can reach home health and care services from where they are, with both online video inspection and remote monitoring systems.

In our country, in the past years, mainly our women have undertaken home health care. However, today, with the participation of women in the business life more than in the past years, professional home care and home health services are provided for individuals who cannot be cared for by their immediate family and friends, but who need to meet care and health services without leaving their living environment.

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Who should get?

Along with the advancing science, developing technology and mobile health sector, the increasing rate of the elderly population in our country in recent years is a sign that the need for home aged care services will increase.

Communication disorders that may be experienced among family members, the stress and intensity of modern life, the lack of knowledge of family members or the elderly regarding old age, and the problems experienced during care delivery will increase. This is where professional caregivers are needed. The people who receive home healthcare services meet their basic needs without leaving the peaceful and safe environment they live in, making them feel better psychologically. The elderly individual, who continues to live with his family and lead a common life, will experience a much more peaceful old age, feeling not excluded from the society and the environment he lives in, without experiencing the feelings of inadequacy and helplessness. Healthcare services become mobile, and home doctor service and home nurse service are also provided at home with improving health service delivery.

The individual who receives home care services also minimizes the risk of infection he may expose to in the hospital environment. Therefore, for those who are unable to go to the hospital, home healthcare services provide significant comfort.

Home care evaluates by supervisors

In this paragraph, we will learn about cooperation. During this whole process, family and care staff should be in cooperation. First of all, a framework should establish mutual expectations, goals, functioning, and process. It should aim to ensure that the individual or patient whose care needs will meet; without breaking away from life, remains as strong psychologically as physical care. In addition, this demanding and sensitive process will be more positive for all parties because they take part in this process; which requires both care and care for the individual and their family. It should not forget that home care is teamwork. Therefore, family and care personnel should understand each other; and target the maximum benefit for the individual in need of care.

Long-term maintenance is a long road with its ups and downs; it should consider more of a marathon than a sprint. Along the way, needs will change, and different decisions will have to make. In this context, family and home care personnel should be a team in the service process. In other words, it is essential to establish a team relationship based on transparency and trust between the family; the individual receiving the service and the caregiving personnel.

Supervisors working within the Home Care Centers act as catalysts to establish the team relationship mentioned above. Above all, supervisors adopt the needs and sensitivities of the person in need; and their family and undertake the duties of the right personnel selection and training and supervision of the selected personnel.

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Why Home Health Care?

  • It improves individuals’ quality of life by providing them with the health and care services they need; without leaving their families and social circles.
  • It increases the comfort of the individual who benefits from health and care services; as it designs according to need and preference.
  • Brings health services to the place where the person is located in cases; where health institutions and employees cannot reach with visual inspection and remote monitoring systems
  • Actively involves the individual in the care plan, accelerating recovery.
  • Protects the privacy of the individual and family
  • Supports relatives in patient care, reducing their burnout
  • It minimizes the risk of infection that may encounter in institutional treatment units by enabling early discharge.
  • Provides cost savings compared to institutional treatment alternatives for many care plans.