Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro Production Suspended

Shocking news came today from ‘muscle cars’, the most famous American type car models, where it is tried to put as much power as possible on all four wheels at the legal end. In this segment, it has been announced that Ford and Chevrolet, the world’s largest manufacturers and competitors, have stopped the production of iconic models Mustang and Camaro.

Production of the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro has thankfully been halted for a limited time. According to the shared details, the reason why both companies took this decision at the same time was the disruptions in the supply chain. The deadline for both companies to stop production was announced as one week.

Ford complained about the chip crisis

Ford was particularly complaining about the chip crisis in the statement it shared for the decision to stop Mustang production. Due to this crisis, the company had to stop the production of Ford F-150 and many more models. Again, due to the chip crisis, it started to sell Explorer models in a form that lacked some features.

Chevrolet’s parent company, General Motors, did not go into much detail in its statement. However, the company, in one-to-one form with Ford, stopped the production of many models during the past period and could not integrate features such as wireless charging into its vehicles due to the chip crisis. It was stated that the short-term disruption experienced in the production of the Mustang and Camaro may cause delays of only limited time.