Fear of Confidence What is Pistantrophobia?

Everyone is afraid of being hurt, offended, disappointed; However, it is possible to develop a phobia against all these, beyond an ordinary horror! Pistantrophobia is the name of the phobia that people who have lost their sense of belief due to traumatic experiences suffer from.

Our past does not leave us, no matter what we do, good or bad. Enough ones aside, bad memories can have a very heavy impact on our day. It can be said that the possibility of pistantrophobia is very high in individuals who have lost their connection with the concept of trust due to their terrible experiences in the past, and whose guard is always at the highest level in case of being let down.

What is Pistantrophobia?

Pistantrophobia is the fear of having faith in someone because of the traumatic events in the past. Pistantrophobia, which experts associate highly with romantic relationships, especially with negative ends, and see them as a result of these relationships, is a type of phobia that pushes individuals to not trust again and even to avoid all environments and people associated with the act of trusting. Accordingly, individuals with pistantrophobia, instead of rebuilding the damaged belief; would prefer to avoid the possibility of building it again.

What are the behaviors that are frequently seen in individuals with pistantrophobia?

  • Displaying very suspicious approaches
  • Inability to imagine oneself in a contented environment and concern
  • Impulsive outbursts and very jealousy
  • Tendency to develop an obsession
  • Tendency to spend time alone
  • Pessimism
  • Desire to be eternally sure of positive feelings towards oneself

Pistantrophobia There are many common behaviors exhibited by the owners. We can summarize these behaviors as above.

What are the symptoms of Pistantrophobia?

  • Avoiding close contact and deep conversations with people who can be seen as potential lover/wife candidates
  • Ignoring the other party’s interest, flirty attitudes, romantic approaches
  • Exhibiting very shy and conservative attitudes and behaviors
  • Avoiding all conversations about relationships, intimacy, intimacy that will create a feeling of discomfort, and feeling anxiety about these bets

Pistantrophobia symptoms are similar to symptoms such as palpitations, tremors, shortness of breath, anxiety attacks seen in other phobias; but the symptoms that we can list in particular for pistantrophobia are as above.

Can Pistantrophobia be treated?

Like other phobias, pistantrophobia can also be treated. An individual with a suspicion of pistatrophobia; He can find out whether he really has pistantrophobia, if he has, what event or events he developed in the past, and of course how to end this phobia, by consulting experts, he can get rid of this phobia and what it brings with it.