become a gardener

Farmers who want to become his own gardener!

First of all, we’d like to thank the farmers who work for hours and carry many products from the food. That is the source of our nutrition to the raw material of our clothes to our homes, on the World Farmers Day. If you want to become a gardener or a farmer of a small garden; produce and grow something with the inspiration from our farmers, how about discovering the tricks of this job?

Crowd, traffic, high-rise gray buildings… We all want to get away from all these tiring details of the city from time to time and be closer to nature. Spending time with ourselves by getting to know the soil and green more closely. Listening to our heads, and perhaps better understanding what we want in this way creates the dreams of the calm moments we need. There is only one point where these dreams we dream in the middle of the city intersect: the longing for a garden belonging to us. A tiny garden and tomatoes, parsley, and pepper that we grow ourselves are almost like psychotherapy. As you sit at a desk in front of the computer and think about them, you should realize that it is not too late for these dreams. So if you want to take action right away without delaying your dreams any longer, you can check out the tips we’ve given you!

Farmers who want to become his own gardener

The gardener has to strive to grow something

As with all good things, having a green garden of your own has some difficulties. Even though it may seem like dusty pink to plant vegetable seeds and grow natural and delicious fruits. Especially in a garden that belongs to you from the outside, it is a job that requires meticulousness and discipline. So, if you have such a desire, you can already do various researches about plant and vegetable-fruit growing. Planning to have a tidy and efficient garden greatly facilitates your work. For example; You can start preparations by determining the size of your garden. How many vegetables or fruit seedlings you will plant, and the garden materials you need.

balcony farming

Practice with Balcony Gardening

You don’t have a garden where you can start cultivating yet, or you just want to practice a bit before getting started. Then we can recommend you to grow a balcony. You can have a mini garden on your balcony thanks to the balcony cultivation that will offer your home a lush and fragrant atmosphere of nature. The part we especially want to mention here is whether your balcony is suitable for growing plants. For example, if your balcony is surrounded by glass, your plants are not easily affected by bad weather conditions. Of course, the job does not end with this. For example, for your mini garden to be perfect; You should arrange the locations of the plants according to the sun. Choose the pot sizes according to the plants you will grow. Use a soil mixture that is clean and free of insects, a little fertilizer, and a little sand. By paying attention to these tips, you will have taken firm steps towards becoming an amateur gardener and practicing for your future garden.