Electric Vehicle Charging Station Step from General Motors

The automotive industry, which makes a valuable contribution to carbon emissions, is turning to electric vehicles to create a more sustainable future. Many giant brands from around the world are declaring that they will reduce the production of classic cars and turn to purely electric cars in the coming years.

United States-based car giant General Motors (GM) is also in the middle of these companies. Now, the news shows that GM and the two giant companies have established a partnership on charging stations, which is of great importance for electric vehicles.

General Motors joins two companies to build 500 electric vehicle charging stations in the US

According to the statements, car giant General Motors, truck stop chain Pilot Travels Centers and electric vehicle charging station company EVgo have established partnerships. Within the scope of this partnership, it was stated that 500 charging stations are planned to be built across the USA.

General Motors spokesperson Phlip Lienert, which has started the delivery of its new electric truck in the past months, stated that the construction of the stations, which are planned to be located at 80 km intervals on the highways in the country, will start this summer and the first station will be opened in 2023. Lienert also emphasized that the charging network is planned to be completed in a few years.

It was also stated that these charging stations will contribute to the US government’s goal of establishing 500,000 stations nationwide by 2030. It was also mentioned in the midst of the incoming statements that this aim was aimed at keeping people away from fuel-powered vehicles.

General Motors aims to produce only electric vehicles by 2035, similar to other car giants. Stating that it will invest 750 million dollars in charging stations, the company also announced that it aims to sell 30 different electric cars worldwide by 2025.