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Effective Communication with Generation Z: Meaning and Empathy

The technological, cultural, and social developments experienced in the world in recent years have greatly influenced the lifestyle and upbringing of the generation called generation Z. It is a natural and expected result that there are certain cultural and intellectual differences between each new generation. The increasingly digitalized and globalizing world caused the Z generation to have its own unique characteristics. For this reason, it has become difficult for individuals, especially those included in the X and Y generations. To understand the Z generation and to establish correct communication with them. So, what ways should be followed to communicate efficiently and accurately with the Z generation? What are the characteristics of the digital children of the 21st century? What are the roles of parents and adults in this process?

Crystal Children of the 21st Century: Generation Z

Gen Z represents people born between 2000 and 2020, according to current sources. This generation, which is also called crystal or digital children, meets with many different common features compared to the generations before them. Unlike the X and Y generations, Generation Z finds itself in technology, internet, and most social media platforms from the moment of its birth. As such, individuals included in the generation Z appear to be a much more interested, innovative, curious, and easy-to-access audience to the digital world.

Their easy access to information causes digital children to be more impatient and thieving than older generations. However, Gen Z’s immunity and interest in the digital world changes many factors from their career choices to their hobbies, from future plans to communication styles. Adults who are unfamiliar with this communication style and lifestyle sometimes find it difficult to establish a dialogue with the Z generation.

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Ways to Communicate Effectively with Gen Z

However, the generation of Z is quite arbitrary, focused on making their own choices and independent; It can surprise or force the parents of this generation. The ever-changing agenda, trends, and trends on the internet also affect the hobbies and communication styles of digital children. The way to communicate with gen Z individuals. Who have an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, is primarily to attract their attention.

Communication-based on current and different information attracts the attention of the vast majority of digital children. Because in their world, every information changes and develops very quickly. It is of great importance to direct criticism using the correct language and style and to be aware that, in some cases, similar criticisms may come from them.

What Happens to Generation Z Parents?

Of course, the living conditions, lifestyle, and child-rearing dynamics of each parent are different. However, it is possible to observe the common causes of the lack of communication between gen Z children and parents. Since the career plan for digital children is quite different from traditional workplace culture and dynamics. It is important for parents to be open to new ideas and initiatives from their children. For this reason, parents need to create spaces within certain frameworks where they can be free for Generation Z.

Parents’ giving them the right to speak about career planning drawn in the minds of generation Z individuals. Enabling them to make savings at a young age through piggy bank and similar practices, and following the changing world under their guidance; It also makes communication with the generation Z more efficient. Digital children, who attach great importance to cooperation, common sense and honesty despite their coming to a competitive world. Can take the right steps to realize their dreams as a result of a properly conducted communication and upbringing process.