Do Women or Men Sleep More?

A new study out of the Georgia School of Medicine found an answer to the question of which of the two sexes sleeps the most. Experiments conducted on American humans revealed not only which gender sleeps more, but also which age group’s sleeping habits.

However, the part of the research that we will discuss in this article will be the part of which gender sleeps more. If you wish, you can see the sleep habits and effects of different age groups from the original text of the research.

The sleep quality of 200 million participants was monitored for seven days

Georgia Medical School researchers took nearly 200 million US citizens as a sample to compare their ‘sleep’ data. Thanks to the wristbands worn on the wrists of the citizens who helped the research, information such as sleep hours and sleep intervals were obtained. However, this information collected from 2011 to 2014 was not accessible until today.

The sleep quality information of the wristbands, which the participants wore around the clock for seven days, finally came to light. Dr. Vaughn McCall states that sleep quality was measured by participants’ heart rate and sleep movements.

So what happened to the data that emerged as a result of the research?

According to the results of the research; On average, women sleep about four minutes longer than men. Indeed, women’s sleep is more fragmented than men’s, and they were thought to actually experience less productive sleep. In the results of the research; Men and women were found to be equal in terms of sleep efficiency.

The researchers also learned that men and women sleep nearly equally efficiently, as women are more likely to report poor sleep quality and sleep disturbance. Another result of the study is that women sleep later than men, but more research is needed to learn about sex differences in sleep.

The author of the study attributes the reason why babies sleep much more than adults to their daily habits today. If there were no stimulants such as the telephone, computer and television today, we would all be sleeping like babies. What are you thinking? Please do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments.