Disable Your Motherboard’s RGB Lighting

RGB lighting is often used in motherboards designed for gamers, enhancing the aesthetics. It is possible to set the lighting to change color with the temperature of the CPU or GPU, or to change it with certain keyboard key combinations.

But sometimes you can see that the RGB lighting is working on the motherboard even when you turn off your computer. There are other ways to disable RGB lighting when your computer is turned off than by turning off your power supply.

Depending on your motherboard manufacturer, you can disable RGB lighting using the options in the BIOS. Some manufacturers use their own lighting control applications. You can press the Delete or F2 keys at startup of your computer to access the BIOS. Some motherboards may use different keys for BIOS access. Usually, when your computer is booting, this key is indicated in the part under the logo of your motherboard.

Disabling RGB Lighting for ASUS Motherboards

After entering the BIOS, click the “ROG Effects” option under the “Advanced” tab. You can disable the RGB lighting when your computer is turned off by clicking the “Onboard LED” option and selecting the “Disable” option.

Disabling RGB Lighting for Gigabyte Motherboards

After entering the BIOS, click the “Peripherals” tab and enter the RGB Fusion settings. You will see many options to adjust the color and usage mode. You can disable the RGB lighting completely by clicking the “Off” option.

Disable RGB Lighting for MSI Motherboards

MSI allows you to control RGB lighting for compatible motherboards and other components using an application called Mystic Light. First download the software using this link. The program will first detect devices with RGB lighting on your computer. Then select your motherboard in the window that opens and select the “Off” option from the Light Effect section.

Disabling RGB Lighting for ASRock Motherboards

ASRock also uses its own RGB lighting implementation. First download the ASRock RGB Polychrome app using this link. After the program is opened, turn off the RGB LED switch and click “Apply All”.

When you use the instructions above, we see that some motherboard manufacturers do not offer an option to turn off the RGB lighting only when the computer is turned off. This situation requires you to change these settings when you turn on your computer or when you want to use RGB lighting again.