Xiaomi’s Autonomous Car Spotted in Traffic

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi, which has a large market share in smart devices, has been on the agenda with the thesis that it will produce electric cars in recent periods. While the company has just confirmed this project and the render views of the vehicle have emerged, a new development has occurred today.

In a photo shared on China’s social media Weibo, Xiaomi’s autonomous car was seen in traffic. Live photos of the vehicle weren’t quite enough to determine whether the car was really Xiaomi or not. However, there was a device on the vehicle that showed what Xiaomi is currently working on.

This is how Xiaomi’s electric vehicle was displayed on the roads:

It is stated that the section on Xiaomi’s test vehicle includes Lidar sensors and ‘other autonomous technologies’. Of course, when the vehicle is released, it will not include such large equipment. Instead, there will be devices in the vehicle in a smaller size that will not exceed the physical limits of the vehicle.

In the statements shared in the past months, Xiaomi announced the production date of the vehicle and the investment it will make. The CEO of his company shared that the mass production of the vehicle will begin in the first half of 2024. It was shared that approximately 10 billion yuan ($ 1.5 billion) will be invested in the autonomous electric vehicle project.