Bad News From Experts For Those Who Expect Discounts In Automotive

Although the price craze in the automotive sector loses its popularity from time to time, it never falls off the agenda. As you know, in the past weeks, there was talk of SCT-VAT reduction in automotive, or at least such a rumor emerged.

TOBB Automotive Trade Council Member Fahrettin Batı, unfortunately, gave the sad news and stated that he predicted that there would be no SCT-VAT reduction for vehicles with diesel, fuel or LPG. Let’s take a look at the details of the statement together.

‘Dealer orders 100 vehicles, 20 arrive. How do you get a discount?’

Fahrettin Batı, who is also the leader of Kocaeli Auto Trade Center in addition to being a member of the Tobb Assembly, said exactly the following about the SCT-VAT discount that will come to automotive: “The car dealership orders 100 vehicles, but 20 vehicles are coming. If 100 vehicles are wanted to be sold and 20 are coming, how can the non-state discount the vehicle? This is not the real thing. Nobody should expect this discount either.”

Fahrettin Batı touched on other bets as well as brand new vehicles. According to what he said, although the used car market is calm at the moment, it will be quite active in the coming months. West, who finds the government’s SCT reduction in electric vehicles positive, thinks that the sales of the domestic electric vehicle TOGG will be positively affected by this.

The last prediction of the West is that vehicle prices will not increase even more and will remain in this way. In other words, it is bad news for those waiting for a discount, but at least it is a little pleasing that it will not increase further. What are you thinking? Please do not forget to share your intentions with us in the comments.