Atmosphère Firmware Updated for Nintendo Switch

The firmware specially prepared for the Nintendo Switch console was presented to users with its new version.

Nintendo Switch 8.0.0 Update Has Been Released, we told you about the official update for the console. The special Switch firmware Atmosphere, which was prepared based on this firmware, was also presented to users to support the Nintendo Switch 8.0.0 update.

What is Atmosphere?

Atmosphere is a custom firmware that can be uploaded to the Nintendo Switch console using the fusee-gelee vulnerability. As well-known as the official firmware, Atmosphere’s developers update frequently and make it compatible with new firmware versions.

In addition to being stable and compatible with almost all Switch versions, Atmosphere offers many additional features:

  • Switch allows you to use emulators on your device, allowing you to access many more games. (You can play games for PS1, PSP, Nintendo 64, SNES and many more consoles with PPSSPP, melonDS, RertoArch emulators.)
  • McOsu NX offers the opportunity to run many homebrew games such as NXQuake.
  • With pPlay, you can watch images and view the document system of your microSD card with NXShell. Using the
  • sys-clk tool, you can overclock your Switch and fine-tune your console along with other modules.
  • You can browse the internet and run games with mods using the BrowseNX application.

What Does the Atmosphere Update Offer?

Atmosphere 0.8.8 and 0.8.10 and 0.9.0, the latest firmware version of Nintendo Switch, 8.0.0, is based on. Apart from this, many changes have been made:

  • If there is a mistake in Atmosphere modules, a record will be kept on the SD card.
  • A bug on the creport that caused crashes and freezing in games has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented maintenance mode from booting on firmware versions above 7.0.0+.
  • The basis for changing region or language on game basis has been introduced. For this, “atmosphere/titles/ You need to edit the “/config.ini” document as specified in this contact.
  • Press a button command detects all other controls, not just the P1 button.
  • The bug that caused unreal memory sharing on the 5.0.0 firmware has been fixed.
  • SD card can be used as default boot option. (Since this base is experimental now, it may be more logical to use it after waiting for the bugs to be fixed in the next versions.)
  • Various adjustments have been made to improve the user experience.

You can use this link to download the latest version of Atmosphere firmware. You can share the problems you encounter on the project’s GitHub page and help them get an analysis. Also, keep in mind that hacking your Nintendo Switch console is prohibited by Nintendo, and be careful too, especially if you try to upload NSP documents.