An Interesting Creature Discovered in the Depths of the Pacific Ocean

One of the interesting things about science is that we know more about space than we do about the seas. As studies continue to discover what is in the depths of the seas, we often encounter different creatures.

The Nautilus rover, named after Jules Verne’s novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, continues its exploration work in western Hawaii. The Nautilus group shared an image of a sea creature in a tweet with the wording of a new “exciting discovery”.

Viewed at a depth of 3000 meters

The different creature that navigates with this tentacle system was photographed 3000 meters under the sea with a remotely controlled vehicle used by the Nautilus team. Although the length of this sea creature is not fully understood in the image, its length reaches 2 meters. This creature, called Solumbellula sea pen, was discovered in the Johnston atoll in western Hawaii.

The study at the Johnston workshop took place mid-June 20 and July 13. The aim of the study was explained as discovering the biodiversity in the region. Nautilus is part of the non-profit Ocean Exploration Trust. The purpose of the arrangement is to identify the biodiversity of the seas and to help protect it.

The Nautilus ship also managed to view many interesting creatures in the depths. In the middle of these is a different and lesser jellyfish. The research group said the wide spread of Solumbellula in the Pacific is valuable as a reminder of the biodiversity in the seas. As the depths of the seas are explored, many different species will be discovered.