6G Network Technology

6G Network Technology Studies has started

Apple and Google seem to have already begun working on improving 6G Network technology. The first 5G smartphones made by Apple and Google were launched; so we thought it was too early to consider 6G iPhone and Pixel models, but we were wrong.

Although 6G is about a decade away; China sent a satellite into space to test 6G signals expected to be 100 to 500 times faster than 5G. Both Apple and Google have joined a North American trade group referred to as the “Next G Alliance.”

According to LightReading, Next G Alliance will schedule to hold its first meeting next week. The group is led by the Telecommunications Industry Solutions Association (ATIS); a North American trade association that previously worked with hearing aids for secure supply chains, automated calls, and mobile phones.

The goal of The Next G Alliance is “to advance the long-term evolution of 5G; to develop North American mobile technology leadership in 6G Network and the next decade”. In addition to Apple and Google, there are members such as Charter Communications, Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel, Keysight Technologies, LG Electronics, Mavenir, MITER and VMware.

The Next G Alliance said, “As the world seeks opportunities to illuminate the path to 6G Network; the United States must take critical steps in time to ensure unquestioned leadership in 6G innovation and development.

There are some concerns that if the political tension between the US and China; exacerbate by the newly formed Biden Administration, it could lead to different 6G standards for both countries. This slows down global communication, so we hope both countries find a way to work together. “

When Does 6G Network Technology Enter Our Lives?

Generally, it takes about 10 years for each new generation mobile communication standard to be put into use. Technological development of that standard is not enough; an ecosystem that needs it to be formed. Presumably, we can expect to meet 6G around 2030.

Source: phonearena.com