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5 Steps to Decorate your home by Hygge Style

We receive a lot of news about the coronavirus epidemic on both television and social media. That’s why we need positive thinking more than ever. So let’s introduce you to Hygge Style, the happiness philosophy of the Danes, to make you feel much better. Here is the Hygge philosophy!

What is Hygge Style?

Hygge, a word that comes from Norwegian and Danish languages; It contains many concepts that evoke good feelings such as warmth, happiness, comfort, and peace. This philosophy, which aims to make the time we spend at home with our loved ones more beautiful and better quality, enables us to discover simple happiness.

Highlighting the extremely ordinary but feel-good details such as the smell of a freshly baked cookie and a soft blanket, Hygge also offers a comfortable and stylish home decoration proposal. So, how is Hygge style decoration done? Let’s start exploring.

Discover the Comfort of Simplicity with Hygge Style

Hygge recommends taking advantage of the relaxing effect of simplicity instead of a complex and tiring decoration. In fact, this is the simplest rule of philosophy. Simplicity means serenity. For this reason, you need to get away from the items you do not use to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere at home. For example, if you think that the middle table is crowded in the hall, you can start by eliminating the trinkets there.

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Be Inspired by Nature’s Perfection

Feeling nature, being close to green and soil is becoming more and more valuable for city people. The Hygge philosophy, which aims to maximize happiness in the home, also proposes to include natural touches at home. For this reason, you can include home accessories made of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, glass or marble in your living spaces, or you can use these materials in larger areas such as floors and walls.

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Benefit from the Soothing Effect of Soft Tissues

It is a known fact that soft textured, pile, and fluffy fabrics increase our happiness coefficient. Hygge, a Scandinavian philosophy, also demonstrates the value of soft tissues as it originates in this mostly cold region. He recommends that soft textured plush carpets, seat shawls, or tiny pillows, which are the symbols of warmth and comfort, should be used at home.

Don’t neglect to use fragrances for your home

Hygge decoration style is actually a whole with everything. In order not to leave the parts of this whole incomplete, you need to pay attention to many details in your home. One of the most important details is fragrant room perfumes!

You can get help from beautiful room scents or tiny scented candles to create a positive environment in your home. However, it will be much better to make seasonal choices about fragrance. For example, you can use your preference for fresh floral scents in spring, more refreshing scents in summer, and spicy scents in autumn. In this way, you will feel the unique atmosphere of the seasons at home.

Believe in the Magic of Pastel Tones

Colors have a significant impact on human psychology. The emotions that each color and each tone recall to us are very different. If you want to fully reflect the Hygge style in your home, we recommend that you review the current wall color, home decoration products and furniture. Because dark tones and large patterns can become uncomfortable in the house after a while.

If possible, we recommend that you paint the walls in pastel tones and replace the dominant furniture with plain and light colors. In this way, you can create a calm and comfortable atmosphere in your home in accordance with the Hygge style.

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