1983 Model Ford Fiesta Transformed into Drag Racer!

One of the first things that car fans wonder about the newly released cars is undoubtedly the information about how many seconds it can reach 0 – 100 km and how many km it can reach the maximum speed. While this is the case, car manufacturers are producing faster and more agile vehicles every day.

While watching these vehicles in drag races, we all almost hold our breath as we watch the vehicles accelerate from the moment they accelerate to the finish line. Although we mostly see brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mustang, and BMW in these races, we see that some car enthusiasts turn their vehicles into drag racers, even if they are not produced for this purpose. Once again, one of these enthusiasts, Phil, did what he said “You can’t do it” and turned his 1983 Ford Fiesta into a monster.

Slow even for a regular car, it is now a ‘monster’

1983 Model Ford Fiesta

Whatever Ford’s first diesel-powered Fiesta was released in 1983 Although the company’s performance on the roads was a big disappointment. Phil, who lives in England, will be tired of watching the cars passing by while driving his favorite car, so he wanted to make some changes in his car. He set out with the dream of turning the iconic Ford Fiesta’s box-like vehicle into a drag racer.

Phil initially had a hard time convincing people to help him with his dream, but he managed to get what he wanted. After months of work, almost nothing remains of the original cuts of the car, but after a lot of hard work, Phil and his team managed to get a monstrous drag racer. The 820 HP (603 kilowatts) 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and the vehicle, which can reach a top speed of 257 kilometers per hour, cost 54,000 dollars. When he gets behind the wheel of his car, which is ready for drag races after long shifts, Phil says, “My first feeling was a relief that I didn’t die in my first workout.” The vehicle is currently running 9.1 seconds and is a candidate to be the fastest four-cylinder Ford drag car in the world.

Here is the new drag beast Ford Fiesta!