10 hearty foods that suppress hunger

There are certain foods that help you feel full without always eating or consuming too much of what you eat. Nutritionists emphasize that, within the scope of a healthy and stable diet, a diet low in fat and sugar is more satisfying.

Chewing food properly is also valuable to suppress your appetite. Hunger lasts for about 20 minutes from the moment we start to eat, if you chew properly, you will be full without the need to overeat, and you will also increase the quality of digestion.

Water is also very valuable in suppressing appetite. Water is not a food, but in some cases, feelings of hunger and thirst can be confused. It is valuable that the water is not too cold, as it can cool the digestive system and make it difficult to digest food.

Do you want to lose weight without starving? Here are the most satisfying and healthy foods.


Oatmeal is a whole grain that keeps you full for longer as it slows digestion, aids the absorption of carbohydrates and keeps cholesterol low. It contains fiber, starchy carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.


If you are hungry, you can prepare a salad with all the vegetables you want, or boil the vegetables and prepare an appetizing meal. They will suppress your appetite and keep you in shape. Biceps are a great idea as they are a multi-sided topping.


Eating eggs to start the day will help you lose weight because while suppressing your appetite, it also keeps you energetic for hours. It is best not to overdo it and avoid frying.


Lentils are rich in resistant starch, a carbohydrate that passes through the stomach undigested and is fermented in the large intestine. This process allows the body to use stored fat as fuel.


Eating apples daily regulates the appetite because of its high fiber content, makes the brain not want to eat more and makes the stomach feel full. In addition, the fiber it contains helps stabilize blood sugar levels.


Although it may seem unbelievable that blueberries suppress appetite, the fact that this excellent fruit is one of the fruits with the highest fiber ensures this. About 10-12 blueberries will instantly satisfy your hunger. It is a healthy snack with many benefits.


Being a strong fish in terms of omega 3 fatty acids, salmon will make you feel full for a longer period of time and suppress your appetite for a long time.


The soup is very hearty. A bowl of soup helps quench hunger and reduce appetite before a meal. Preferably, it is more convenient to prepare at home with low fat and vegetables.


Nuts contain healthy fats and help keep cholesterol low. Additionally, they are a good source of fiber and therefore help suppress your appetite, as they stay in the stomach longer than carbohydrates. It is true that they are high in calories, so their intake should be discontinued.


If you are hungry, you can prepare a spinach salad that will suppress your appetite and provide instant satiety, or you can prepare a plate of boiled spinach with all the vegetables you want. It will suppress your appetite and help you maintain your form.